Success: Mountain Lions Granted Safe Haven

Target: Beth Pratt, Director of California’s National Wildlife Federation

 Goal: Praise the development of a wildlife bridge that will protect vulnerable mountain lions

Construction is beginning on a wildlife bridge that is expected to positively impact California’s waning mountain lion population. The bridge will stretch over the Los Angeles’ 101 Freeway and provide a safe haven for this vulnerable species. Support this incredible conservation effort.

“We want these animals on the landscape, and the population will go extinct if we don’t do something soon,” stated Beth Pratt, the director of California’s National Wildlife Federation. Conservationists, along with those who signed this petition, have been demanding action be taken to protect the California mountain lion. The species is predicted to be extinct within the next 50 years due to habitat loss and low genetic diversity, largely initiated by the construction of the freeway. Now, a 200-foot-long bridge is set to be in place by 2023 and allow safe passage for mountain lions from one side of the freeway to the other. This will give them the opportunity to connect with other big cats, reducing inbreeding, and provide them a new and safe habitat to roam.

This project is a huge step in the right direction, and it could likely save an entire species. Sign below to thank those involved in the construction of this mountain lion safe haven.


Dear Director Pratt,

The Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing will soon become a reality, giving countless vulnerable mountain lions a real fighting chance. This innovative bridge will not only give the lions a safe passage across the freeway, but it will also reduce inbreeding and supply them with a whole new habitat to replace the one encroached upon by humans. This is so important, as you know, due to the predicted extinction of this incredible species in the next 50 years.

Your continued efforts brought this wildlife crossing to life. Thanks to you, our future generations will hopefully see a thriving big cat species roaming this groundbreaking habitat and understand that humans and animals can live side by side in harmony.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Wildfaces


  1. All States should have wildlife bridges. No Brainer.

  2. Gabriela Torres says:



  4. Justin Recht says:

    Dear Sir – I can’t praise you enough!
    You are a hero! You are a leader – I hope others will follow!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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