Success: Beavers Protected From Hunting and Trapping

Target: Collette Adkins, Carnivore Conservation Director and Senior Attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity

Goal: Praise the outlawing of beaver hunting and trapping in endangered species’ habitat.

California’s beavers have been protected from hunting and trapping, by extension protecting all the endangered species that depend on their dams and ponds for survival. This is a win for the area’s wildlife and for the environment as a whole. Praise this dedication to conservation.

The Center for Biological Diversity fought a victorious legal battle against a federal wildlife-killing program known as Wildlife Services to protect more than 11,000 miles of river and 4 million acres of land from beaver trapping and hunting. Nearly 900 beavers were killed on this land last year using firearms, traps and snares. This not only threatened the beaver population, but it also jeopardized multiple endangered species, including salmon, Oregon spotted frogs, and southwestern willow flycatchers. All of these animals depend on beaver dams for their own survival, making this a landslide victory for animal conservation.

Petitions, such as this one, demanded protection for beavers. Thanks in part to the efforts of these attorneys, they have succeeded. Sign below to thank those who filed this lawsuit and went to great lengths to protect beavers and endangered species.


Dear Director Adkins,

More than 11,000 miles of river and 4 million acres of land are now protected from beaver trapping and hunting, thanks to your team’s dedication. This means that the beaver population will continue to grow and beaver dams, a safe haven for many endangered species, will be plentiful for years to come. Oregon spotted frogs, salmon, southwestern willow flycatchers, and other species now may someday be removed from the endangered species list, making this a huge win for California’s biodiversity.

Your lawsuit both convinced a federal wildlife-killing program to cease its hunting practices and kicked off a study on the importance of beaver dams. Thank you for taking this bold step to help protect beavers and save California’s endangered species.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: SteveRaubenstine

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  1. Kerry Rose says:

    This is not only a win for beavers but the whole habitat their dams support. Thank you.

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