Success: Saudi Arabian Women Granted Right to Solo Travel

Target: Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia

Goal: Praise the abolishment of Saudi Arabian male guardianship laws.

Saudi Arabian women will now be free to travel abroad without male consent and guardianship. This is a major step in the advancement of women’s rights in the country. Praise this decision to give women the freedom to travel.

“These developments have been a long time coming. From the inclusion of women in the consultative council to issuing driving licenses to women, our leadership has proved its unequivocal commitment to gender equality,” stated Reema Bandar Al-Saud, the Saudi female ambassador to the United States. She and many others, including those behind this ForceChange petition, have been advocating for female empowerment in the country for years. They have succeeded in granting women rights to driving, entertainment, and work that they’d previously been denied. Now, this most recent decision to allow women, aged 21 and older, to obtain passports and eliminate male guardians, they can add international travel to that list.

Saudi Arabia still has a long way to go in becoming the gender-equal country that it strives to be. However, this bold move in the right direction will give women the independence and autonomy that could change their lives. Sign below and thank the Prime Minister for his dedication to women’s rights.


Dear King Salman,

Women can now travel without male guardianship or permission, thanks to your landmark dedication to gender equality. Your decision to grant women this right is a step forward, and it gives them the opportunities and autonomy that they have been denied for so long. Until now, Saudi Arabia has required men to authorize women’s obtainment of passports and accompany them in their travel outside of the country. Now, thanks to your support of Saudi Arabia’s continued advancement in women’s rights, they are free to make their own travel decisions and come and go as they please.

We want to thank you for standing strongly against long-standing patriarchal attitudes that, no doubt, still exist in your country and for giving Saudi Arabian women equal opportunities. Your dedication to this cause will not be forgotten.


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