Articles written by: Jennifer McCue

Success: Suspected Fracking Kingpin Fired

A key player in California’s fracking industry has been fired and his division is under investigation for reportedly profiting off the state’s increase in fracking permits. This has freed up an administrative position, which will be filled with an advocate for safer and healthier forms of energy. Praise these bold moves towards a frack-free future.

Success: Elephants Benefitted by Conservation Efforts

The African elephant population is back on the rise, thanks to national and international conservation efforts. Programs empowering the African people and devaluing poaching have cut elephant deaths in half. Support these efforts and those who back them.

Success: Exotic Animal Circuses Banned

Exotic animals will no longer be allowed to perform in circuses, thanks to a citywide ban. This is a life-changing decision for many exotic animals who live their lives in cages and are subjected to abuse and neglect. Thank council members for their dedication to animal welfare.

Success: Fresh Water Lake Protected From Pollutants

A fresh water lake has nearly recovered from its pollutant infestation, thanks to recently planted wetlands. This is only the beginning for local environmental advocates, though, as they continue their fight to save their town’s fresh water supply. Support these dedicated advocates as they take a stand against pollution.

Success: Dogs Trained to Detect Endangered Insects

Endangered Insects could be brought back from the brink of extinction, thanks to three dogs and a group of dedicated researchers. The dogs were successfully trained to detect the insects in their natural habitat, garnering data that could effectively save the species. Support this important step towards conservation success.

Success: Inhumane Euthanasia Banned

Inhumane euthanasia is now considered animal cruelty, following the recent allegations of a shelter freezing four kittens to death. This means that anyone who tortures an animal in the name of mercy can be prosecuted and punished. Praise this advancement that will bring justice for innocent animals.

Success: Propane School Buses Reduce Air Pollution

A Missouri school district will be adding additional propane school buses to its fleet after seeing a significant reduction in air and noise pollution over the last five years. Propane, unlike diesel and gasoline, is a clean burning fuel which creates a cleaner and healthier environment for all. Praise this school district for taking a chance on this alternative fuel source.

Success: Shoe Designer Embraces Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Adidas is continuing to be a role model in eco-friendly manufacturing. Most recently, they have pledged to reduce their CO2 emissions, eliminated plastic bags in their retail stores, and made plans to utilize recycled polyester. Praise their dedication to a healthier planet.

Success: Private Immigrant Prisons Defunded

Two big banks have announced plans to withdraw their funding of private immigrant detention centers. This is a massive step in the fight against migrant discrimination and the private prison industry. Praise these funders for their commitment to human rights.

Success: Safer Pesticide Alternative Developed

Harmful chemical pesticides could be a problem of the past, thanks to a recent scientific development. Researchers have discovered a mutant bacteria capable of protecting plants without harming humans, animals, and the environment. Praise those who are making this progress possible.

Success: Mentally Ill Students Gain Access to Clinical Psychologist

Children and young adults will now have access to a clinical psychologist in a groundbreaking move to combat mental illness. Several of England’s schools and community colleges are recruiting full time psychologists with funding provided by the NHS. Applaud this important and life-saving initiative.

Success: Owner of Animal House of Horrors Sentenced to Jail Time

An animal cruelty offender will serve jailtime after she kept dozens of dogs and a cat in a feces-ridden house. Three dogs died due to neglect and others were emaciated and covered in urine. Thank the prosecutor who gave these animals a voice.

Success: Breeder Convicted of Animal Cruelty Gets Jail Time

A breeder will serve jail time after he starved and denied veterinary care to sick dogs. The animals were severely emaciated and they suffered with painful and debilitating health problems. Thank the prosecutor for seeking the maximum punishment for this animal cruelty offender.

Success: Russia Bans Slaughter of Stray Dogs

Stray dogs will no longer be killed in Russia, thanks to a new law. This law prohibits the inhumane capture and slaughter of stray animals and implements the use of shelters to house them. Praise Russia for its decision to end animal cruelty.

Success: Canada Embraces Solar Power

Canada has taken a bold step in embracing clean and renewable energy. Through government support and incentives, solar energy companies have installed thousands of solar installations with more on the way. Praise the prime minster for his dedication to this important cause.

Success: Gillnet Fishing Ban Upheld to Protect Nearly Extinct Vaquita

The vaquita porpoise has been given a second chance thanks to the United States Court of Appeals. The judges ruled against lifting a ban on imported seafood obtained using gillnets, a fishing method that is extremely dangerous for sea mammals. Praise the judges for protecting this endangered species.

Success: Landowner Advocates for No-Till Farming

Earthworms will continue to thrive thanks to the efforts of one environmentally conscious landowner. By adding soil and water conservation practice requirements to her cropland leases, she ensured the health and viability of hundreds of acres of soil. Praise this landowner for her dedication to the environment.

Success: Groomer Who Killed Dog Given Jail Time

A groomer will serve jail time after a dog died in her care. The dog suffered fatal injuries throughout his body after the groomer choked and kicked him repeatedly. Thank the prosecutor for seeking the harshest penalty in this horrific case.

Success: Cruel Elephant Polo Event Comes to an End

Elephants will no longer suffer abuse and neglect following the cancellation of the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. IBM withdrew its financial sponsorship of the sporting event in a valiant stand against animal cruelty. Thank IBM for its dedication to animal welfare.

Success: Woman Who Starved and Decapitated Dogs Given Jail Time

A woman has been convicted of felony animal cruelty after three dogs starved to death and another was decapitated on her property. The judge sentenced her to jail time under Ohio’s new law, allowing for felony convictions and harsher penalties for animal cruelty offenders. Thank the prosecutor for his his hard work and dedication in this horrific case.

Success: Narwhal Tusk Salesman Convicted and Punished

An antique dealer has been prosecuted and convicted for selling ivory from endangered narwhals. This is a major step in stopping the illegal poaching of this endangered species and punishing those who sell its tusks. Praise California’s city attorney for his dedication to this important cause.

Success: Man Who Savagely Beat Dog Gets Jail Time

A convicted animal abuser will serve jailtime after he maliciously beat a dog. A heinous video, showing overt animal abuse, led to the successful prosecution and punishment of the man responsible. Praise the prosecuting attorney for bringing justice to this innocent dog.

Dead Puppy Reportedly Beaten Into ‘Ground Hamburger’ Deserves Justice

A puppy was beaten to death and then dumped outside in a shocking case of animal cruelty, according to reports. The suspect apparently attacked the puppy after the animal urinated on his shoe. Police described the deceased puppy’s body as looking like “ground hamburger.” Demand justice for this poor puppy.

Mutilated Cat Left on Family’s Doorstep by Killer Deserves Justice

A family’s cat named Rusty was kidnapped, killed and dismembered in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Rusty’s mutilated body was left on the family’s doorstep. Demand justice for this innocent cat and grieving family.

Success: Department of Justice Shuts Down Negligent Private Prisons

The Department of Justice has recommended the shutdown of all private prisons. This will reduce substandard medical care and overcrowding and allow for a more humane quality of life. Praise the Department of Justice for its historic decision.

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