Success: United Nations Calls for Worldwide Ban on Conversion Therapy

Target: Victor Madrigal-Borloz, United Nations’ Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Goal: Praise the United Nations’ recommendation to ban conversion therapy worldwide.

Gay and transgender people around the world are subjected to physically and emotionally abusive interventions under the guise of “conversion therapy.” Now, the United Nations has released a report recommending a worldwide ban on this scientifically discredited and torturous practice. This is a success for the LGBTQ community as well as for those who signed this ForceChange petition.

“The attempts to pathologize and erase the identity of individuals, negate their existence as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or gender diverse and provoke self-loathing have profound consequences on their physical and psychological integrity and well-being,” stated Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the United Nations’ Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, in his report, which is set to reach the United Nations Human Rights Council by the end of Pride month. Survivors from over 100 countries recounted the tortures inflicted in conversion therapy including exorcism, rape, and injecting nausea-inducing or paralysis-inducing drugs while exposing the subject to erotic material. Many of those subjects were minors at the time and held against their will.

The world’s gay and transgender youth must be protected. Sign below and thank the United Nations for taking this bold and important step to end this heinous practice.


Dear Mr. Madrigal-Borloz,

Your recent decision to recommend a worldwide ban on conversion therapy is a monumental success for the LGBTQ community. For too long, gay and transgender individuals have suffered at the hands of those who believe that they should be changed by any means necessary. Now, thanks to you, this abusive practice may soon come to an end.

Conversion therapy is rooted in hate and discrimination, not science or medicine. This physical and psychological torture endured by gay and transgender individuals around the world can no longer remain legal.

Thank you for taking a stand for gay rights and please continue this fight for as long as it takes.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Karen Redd says:

    The Ununited nations is a worthless POS, what would you expect of them?

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