Success: State Embraces Alternative Fuel Sources  

Target: Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah

Goal: Support a project to expand access to environmentally friendly transportation.

Gas-powered cars are one of the leading contributors to the rise in greenhouse gases and the resulting climate change. Environmentalists, and those who signed this ForceChange petition, have demanded an electric-powered future. Now, one state is taking its responsibility to the environment seriously by providing and fueling alternative-powered vehicles. Support this plan to electrify Utah’s roadways and transportation.

“As you can tell, we’ve done a lot. And there continues to be more we can do,” stated Laura Nelson, energy advisor to Utah governor Gary Herbert. He was a prime supporter of the Intermountain West Electric Vehicle Corridor, which runs through multiple states and gives access to cars powered by more environmentally friendly fuel sources. It contains electric charging stations as well as the option of compressed, liquified and renewable natural gas. In addition, Utah is in the process of obtaining a pair of electric shuttles that will travel through the Mount Carmel tunnel in Zion National Park. Utah currently has 46 alternative-fuel powered vehicle fleets and more than 6,400 cars and trucks that operate on natural gas, propane, biodiesel, ethanol, electricity, or hybrid fuels.

This is a huge win for the environment and another step towards a cleaner and healthier future. Sign below and thank the governor for his dedication to alternative fuel sources.


Dear Governor Herbert,

Your dedication to ending air pollution and reducing greenhouse gases has not gone unnoticed. By supporting the Intermountain West Electric Vehicle Corridor, you are giving the public further reason to choose alternative-powered vehicles. Granting access to electric charging stations and compressed, liquified, and renewable natural gas has resulted in an additional 6,400 alternative-powered cars and trucks on Utah’s roadways and your investment in 46 alternative-powered fleets keeps a substantial amount of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. Your newest plan to provide a pair of electric shuttles in Zion National Park sets yet another example of the difference one state can make in this global war against climate change.

We thank you for putting Utah on the front lines of this battle and continuing to search for cleaner and healthier fuel options.


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