Save Farmers from Adverse Climate Change Conditions

Target: Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Goal: Ensure both financial aid and the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.

In recent times, European agriculture has confronted unprecedented challenges due to climate-driven extremes. Reports indicate a surge in droughts, floods, and heatwaves across the continent, significantly impacting farmers’ livelihoods and mental well-being. Such adverse conditions, resulting from climatic changes, are not only causing economic losses but also escalating stress and anxiety among the farming community.

For instance, in Portugal, farmers like Maaike Smits grapple with prolonged dry seasons, necessitating increased expenditure on animal welfare and reducing profitability. Similarly, Italian farmers, exemplified by Matteo Pagliarani’s experience, face devastating losses due to flooding and erratic weather patterns. These hardships extend beyond immediate financial strain, threatening the sustainability of rural communities and food systems.

Although some government interventions offer temporary relief, farmers urgently require holistic and long-term solutions. This crisis calls for action at a higher level. Address both the immediate needs of the farming community and the broader implications for food security and rural stability in Europe.


Dear President Ursula von der Leyen,

We write to highlight the plight of European farmers amid worsening climate conditions. In regions like Portugal and Italy, farmers endure severe hardships due to frequent droughts, floods, and heatwaves. These challenges not only impact their economic stability but also their mental health, threatening the very fabric of rural communities.

It is imperative that the European Commission takes decisive action. We urge you to provide immediate financial support to those affected and to foster the development of sustainable agricultural practices. These measures are crucial for mitigating the current crisis and for safeguarding the future of European agriculture.

It is essential to recognize that the well-being of our farmers is intrinsically linked to the health of our ecosystems and the stability of our food systems. As such, addressing their needs is not just an act of compassion but a vital step towards ensuring a resilient and sustainable future for all of Europe.

We trust that under your leadership, the European Commission will respond promptly and effectively to this urgent matter, demonstrating a commitment to the welfare of our farmers and the integrity of our continent’s agriculture.


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Photo credit: Rishav Shaw

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