Stop Billionaires From Driving Environmental Collapse

Target: Jeff Bezos, Executive Chairman of Amazon

Goal: Roll back carbon footprint responsible for massive pollution.

As global leaders gather once again to discuss the fate of the world at the COP climate conference, a new report is shedding light on just how massive and destructive a carbon footprint the top one percent are leaving on the planet. Previously, billionaires had been called out over the extravagant and pollution-propelling travel arrangements they made for high-profile events like the Davos World Economic Forum and the United Nations Climate Change Conference. But the world’s wealthiest are contributing to these destructive emissions on a daily basis.

Altogether, the 12 richest individuals in the world collectively produce as much emissions as two million homes produce in a given year. This finding echoes previous reports that claim the top ten percent in wealth are responsible for 40 percent of pollution and that they pollute up to a million times more than the average individual. As just one example, the world’s biggest mega-yacht—owned by Jeff Bezos—is said to produce over 7,000 tons of harmful emissions each and every year.

This gross excess and exploitation needs to end if the world is to have a chance at beating back the climate crisis. Sign the petition below to urge Bezos to back his words with actions and set a better standard going forward.


Dear Mr. Bezos,

With each new pledge to combat the climate crisis and each new goal to strive for greener technology, the world sees the double standards and double-talk at play with its most influential and powerful citizens. Increasing numbers of research studies paint a damning portrait of the outsized role billionaire business leaders such as yourself play in producing dangerous carbon emissions…to the tune of one million times more than the average person. Your yacht alone reportedly produces 7,000 tons of carbon emissions in any given year.

Please back up the promises and pledges with real, meaningful change on both a personal and professional level. Don’t let the funding of your extravagant lifestyle come at the entire world’s expense.


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Photo Credit: Diego F. Parra

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  1. You built an empire. Good for you. But others are suffering due to your billionaire appetite. You produce 1 million times more carbon than an average person. Being rich doesn’t give you the right to do this much harm to the world. The world does not to have to pay with their lives for your pleasures. You were not always a billionaire. Remember when you were just an average guy? Would you have thought well of a Billionaire who did this to the world? The answer is NO.

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