Don’t Dredge Up Marine Habitats With Destructive Sand Mining

Illegal sand mining is eroding Taiwan’s marine habitats and upending entire ecosystems. Demand an end to dredging assaults on the environment.

Protect Sacred Native Land From Massive Copper Mine

Sacred Native land is going to be destroyed by a massive copper mine. The damage from this project will also threaten the lives of wildlife, including endangered fish and plants. Tell the U.S. Forest Service to terminate the sale of this ancestral land.

Save Right Whales From Death By Entanglement

Right whales have been washing up dead on the shores entangled in fishing lines. Their population has declined considerably in the last decade, largely due to current fishing practices. Sign this petition to put a stop to yet another manmade extinction.

Success: Oil and Gas Drilling Prevented on Federal Lands and Oceans

President Joe Biden has issued an executive order to halt oil and gas leasing on federal lands and oceans. This is a major victory in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the climate and ecological crisis. Sign this petition to applaud Biden for keeping his climate promise.

Stop Factory Fish Farms from Polluting the Ocean

Farmed salmon are crammed into cages that leach toxins into the ocean. These open pens are unethical to the fish, unhealthy for humans, and dangerous for the oceans and marine life. Sign this petition to stop open-pen fish farming in the Atlantic Ocean.

Prevent Insect Apocalypse

The insect world is diminishing at a stunning pace by the day. Mass extinctions of these important fixtures could destabilize ecosystems worldwide and imperil life. Demand an action plan to protect nature’s guardians.

Take Action to Prevent a Climate and Ecological Crisis

A climate and ecological crisis is looming, one that scientists have long been warning of. However, governments refuse to take action in the face of this threat. Sign the petition to call on the people to guide the process of decarbonization to meet climate goals set in the Paris Agreement.

Don’t Risk Water Contamination By Drilling for Oil

A Canadian company is looking to drill for oil in Namibia and Botswana, a project that compromises the wellbeing of the region’s wildlife and local communities. This could cause serious contamination to the surrounding waterways in the name of profit. Sign this petition to demand that the government put a stop to this detrimental plan.

Don’t Poison City’s Drinking Water by Fracking

Over 475 acres of land near Akron, Ohio’s drinking water supply may soon be fracked for oil and natural gas. This dangerous practice could put millions in peril. Demand plans be rejected.

Protect Wild Salmon Habitat From Open Pit Mining

Bristol Bay is one of the last strongholds for wild salmon and it may soon become the site of a gold and copper mine. Supporting a range of species including bald eagles and brown bears, it is far more than a treasure-trove. Stop Pebble Mine from destroying this vital watershed to mine gold and copper.

Don’t Allow Destruction of Environment to Go Unpunished

Significant harm to the environment, known as ecocide, is an act of violence against all life on Earth. It is an offense without borders and those found guilty should be liable to criminal prosecution. Sign this petition to make ecocide an international crime.

Stop Trophy Hunters From Ravaging the Prairies

Trophy hunting is a disgusting sport that threatens local wildlife and impacts rural communities across North America. Sign this petition to put an end to the senseless slaughter, and shameful exhibition, of nature’s majestic creatures.

Success: U.S. Rejoins Paris Climate Accord

The United States has reteamed with the world in a collective and unified effort to end the threat of climate change. Applaud President Biden’s commitment to cut carbon emissions that endanger the entire planet.

Stop Killing Bees, Birds, & the Environment with Toxic Seeds

A small Nebraska town is likely being poisoned by insecticides and other contaminants from an ethanol plant. State leaders have not stopped this environmental onslaught. Urge them to take action on behalf of this community and the wildlife dying from inaction.

Success: Honeybees Are Being Saved From Murder Hornets

A full-on war is being waged against the Asian giant hornets, also known as murder hornets. These invasive killers can mercilessly decapitate entire colonies of honeybees in a matter of hours. Applaud the dedicated efforts of those who are vigilantly working to protect the defenseless bees.

Save Tiger Beetles From Extinction

Tiger beetles are on the verge of extinction. In order to save them, they must be recognized as an endangered species and granted necessary protections. Sign this petition to save these important insects.

Stop Killing Hummingbirds With Poisoned Nectar

Hummingbird lives are being taken by means of poisoned nectar. Although studies show that Red Dye #40 causes horrible illnesses, it is still allowed as an additive in hummingbird food. Demand that this cruelty stop.

Success: Starbucks Has Replaced Plastic Straws

Starbucks has reached its goal of replacing plastic straws in stores across North America. Show support and encouragement as this company continues to make environmentally sustainable decisions.

Maimed Manatee With “Trump” Carved in Skin Deserves Justice

A Florida manatee was maimed after an unidentified assailant wrote “Trump” on his back. Demand accountability for this politicized act of animal cruelty.

Don’t Allow Biased Corporations to Influence Climate Science

The U.S. has some of the highest CO2 emissions in the world and businessmen are still making economically biased decisions regarding the environment. In the wake of a climate change denying presidency, accurate and unbought science is more important than ever. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden heed the warnings of the scientific community and work with them to create a brighter future.

Don’t Let Industries Kill Migrating Birds Without Repercussion

Millions of birds will now die without so much as a slap on the wrist to the industries responsible. Any federal protection that they previously received has been overturned, thanks to one final push from the Trump administration. Demand that the government renew these protections and implement real penalties for industries found at fault.

Save Monarch Butterflies from Extinction

North America’s western monarch population has declined to 1% of its historic size. Yet, federal protection the species is in critical need of has been delayed. Demand that USFWS list monarchs and grant them endangered status.

Stop Keystone XL Pipeline from Destroying Our Sustainable Future

The Keystone pipeline is a blight on North America’s landscape, destroying pristine forests, contaminating water, and condemning the future to an environmental disaster. Join this petition to stop the construction of this controversial project.

Don’t Let Wolverines be Pushed to Extinction

There are only around 300 wolverines left in the contiguous United States, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has continuously refused to list them as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, making it so they are not federally protected by law. Demand wolverines be officially granted threatened species status so that a plan to better protect these animals can be formed and set in place.

Stop Covering-Up Environmental Impacts From Arctic Oil Drilling

The federal government is covering-up the environmental impacts from oil drilling in the Arctic. The truth is that oil drilling in the Arctic is destroying the environment and wildlife. Demand the outgoing Trump administration stop its last minute assault on the environment.

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