Notify Residents Exposed to Cancer-Causing Chemicals by Water Treatment Plants

North Carolina residents were exposed to a cancer-causing chemical in their drinking water following an accident at a water treatment plant. They received no warning because the officials have no legal requirement to report accidents like these. Demand that this be corrected with safe environmental regulations.

End Destructive Deforestation of the Amazon by Cultivating Forests

With each fresh round of deforestation, the Amazon loses more of its rich biodiversity and the world stands to lose one of its most powerful weapons against devastating climate change. Sustainable farming could provide the key compromise between agricultural interests and environmental salvation. Support agroforestry and revitalize the Amazon.

Stop the Barbaric Slaughter of Endangered Pangolins

Thousands of pangolins are brutally maimed and boiled alive for meals every day across Asia, especially in China. This barbaric method of slaughter is beyond unacceptable. Urge the Chinese government to put a stop to this cruelty immediately.

Protect Thousands of Communities From Toxic Floods

Hundreds of communities could soon be poisoned as rising sea levels threaten to flood toxic waste dumps. The Trump administration stripped climate change funding from the agency responsible, leaving them unprepared for this risk to life and health. Demand that these communities be given immediate protection from this grave danger.

Prosecute Accused Penguin Thieves

Two men were arrested and charged with wildlife theft after allegedly stealing a penguin and two eggs from a breeding colony. Sign this petition to ensure they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Protect Sockeye Salmon From Destructive and Toxic Gold Mine

The EPA has approved a destructive gold mine that would contaminate sockeye salmon habitats in Alaska. This would have far-reaching effects not only on salmon, but also grizzly bears and the Alaskan fishing industry. Demand that the construction of this mine be cancelled.

Success: Yellowstone Bison Granted Reprieve from Culling

The culling of bison at Yellowstone National Park will be halted, thanks to a lawsuit brought by conservation advocates. Park officials are exploring alternative options of managing the species, including giving them more freedom to roam. Thank those who saved hundreds of animals from certain death.

Success: Methane Regulations Reinstated to Protect the Environment

Methane regulations have been reinstated to ensure that less of the potent greenhouse gas is released into the atmosphere. This is an important step in the fight against climate change. Thank the lawyers who fought the rollback of these protections in an effort to save the environment.

Restore Endangered Grizzly Bear Populations at National Park

Scientists have counted less than ten grizzly bears at the North Cascades National Park, yet the Trump administration has made it clear that nothing should be done to repopulate these animals. Demand the federal government help reintroduce these animals to the park, so that they will not soon become extinct.

Stop Construction of Ocean-Poisoning Mine Near Native Lands

A mine which would pose a grave threat to the safety of wildlife and humans has been approved, in spite of widespread concerns and opposition from Native groups and scientists. Demand that permission for this project be withheld.

Success: Grizzly Bears Granted Protection From Hunting

The issuing of permits to slaughter Yellowstone’s grizzly bears is now illegal and will cease immediately, thanks to the work of conservation advocates. This will allow the endangered species to repopulate and thrive. Thank those who fought for this victory.

Prevent Mass Extinction of Polar Bears by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The polar bear population’s continued decline could render the species extinct by 2100. A major factor is the continued reliance on fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gases. Sign this petition to help lessen the planet’s carbon footprint and save polar bears worldwide.

Stop Trump Administration From Murdering 50 Endangered Orcas

Donald Trump’s appointee is about to allow the U.S. Navy to kill over 50 orcas. This comes at a time that orca numbers have been historically low and is being decided by the same person who helped President Trump falsely alter a hurricane forecast with a sharpie to save face. Sign this petition to demand this heinous proposal be rejected.

Protect Marginalized Communities from Pollution and Environmental Hazards

The health and safety of minority communities is under threat by the federal government as they allow pipelines, chemical plants, and highways to be built practically unchecked. Demand that Congress block these destructive changes to environmental policy and protect marginalized communities.

Stop the Murder of Wolves in British Columbia

Wolves are being killed by the hundreds in Canada after the publication of faulty and damaging research. Sign this petition today demanding the murder stop.

Justice for Beloved Black Bear Cub Reportedly Shot to Death

Bailey the black bear cub, a beloved member of a Florida community, was shot and killed in an alleged act of animal cruelty. The man accused of this offense faces minimal charges, akin to a legal slap on the wrist. Demand stronger punishment that reflects the seriousness of this apparent crime against innocent wildlife.

Success: Environment-Destroying Pipeline Cancelled

A pipeline which would have destroyed disadvantaged and Native American communities and harmed the environment has been successfully cancelled thanks to the work of concerned citizens. Thank them for their tireless efforts to protect small towns and wildlife.

Clean Up Hawaii’s Beaches from Devastating Plastic Pollution

Two Hawaiian beaches have been deemed unusable due to plastic pollution, and are unlivable for Hawaii’s endangered species. Demand that Hawaii finally clean up the plastic pollution that has devastated its beaches and wildlife.

Protect Ancient Waters Against Destructive Dam

Arizona’s limited water source and beautiful landscape could be damaged by a proposed dam that would pump unrenewable groundwater. Demand that the permit for this destructive dam be revoked.

Restore Endangered Grizzly Bears to the Cascades

Grizzly bears are nearly extinct in the North Cascades, and the Department of the Interior has scrapped plans to help them recover. Speak out to ensure a future for these majestic, imperiled animals.

Justice for Centennial Turtle Nearly Snatched and Trafficked

A 100-year-old turtle was maimed for a second time in a potential wildlife trafficking attempt gone wrong. The perpetrator remains at large and still poses an imminent threat. Urge the full prosecution of this calculated act.

Say No to Plastic Bags and Straws in New York City

Disposable plastic bags and straws are a threat to wildlife and the environment. Demand enforcement of New York City’s ban on these harmful single-use items.

Trump: Protect Environment From Toxic Infrastructure During Pandemic

Polluting infrastructure projects such as power plants and pipelines could go unregulated as the Trump administration plans to rollback vital environmental safeguards in the permit process. In addition to increasing the threat of climate change, this decision could exacerbate public health risk during the coronavirus crisis. Demand President Trump maintain vital precautions needed to protect people and the environment.

Protect Pennsylvania from Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Pennsylvania is one step closer to charging big energy companies a fee for polluting our land, air, and water. Sign the petition to show your support for this initiative.

EU: Enforce Ban on Harmful Bee-Killing Pesticides

The EU has allowed companies to use harmful bee-killing pesticides repeatedly despite its ban on insecticides. Call for the EU to protect pollinators and enforce its ban on these deadly chemicals.

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