Let Trees Bolster Urban Health

Target: Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City

Goal: Fund initiatives to boost city’s tree population and to expand its green footprint.

Science has consistently shown that green landscapes populated by plentiful trees increase health and quality of life. In urban areas—especially low-income regions—the lack of trees (and subsequent negative effects) is pronounced. The United States has attempted to tackle this disparity by investing heavily in urban forestry planning, upping both the number of trees planted and devising more thoughtful planning strategies to maximize benefits.

New York City is a case study, as the famed region has committed to canopy cover for nearly a third of the city within the next decade or so. If implemented, this strategy could mean a quarter of a million more trees…trees that could cool the city, help fight climate change, and boost health. Unfortunately, the city itself has consistently underfunded this effort, instead relying on federal funds.

To make this pledge a reality, New York’s leaders need to put the necessary action behind their words. Sign the petition below to demand more funding for a greener and cleaner Big Apple.


Dear Mayor Adams,

Federal grants and efforts like the Regenerate New York program have made meaningful strides in helping realize this city’s vision of 30 percent canopy cover by 2035. The benefits of a thoughtful urban forestry plan are manifold, from public health boosts to environmental wellness. New York’s urban forestry laws and plans need financial support from within, however.

During proposed spending cuts, these very programs and goals often suffer the most. In order to fulfill the city’s vision, this narrative must change. Please invest in efforts like Tree Folio, allocate the necessary resources for expanded tree planting, and make this city an active participant in securing its own green future.


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Photo Credit: Yura Forrat

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