Stop Killing and Wasting Sealife With Fishing Nets

Millions of metric tons of fish are unintentionally caught and killed through a fishing technique referred to as bottom-trawling. Most of them never even make it to our plates. Demand an end to this excessive waste and better regulate bottom-trawling.

Stop Treating Alligators and Other Wildlife as Pets

Wally, an emotional support alligator, has brought up questions around the legitimacy of using undomesticated animals as therapy pets and the morality of keeping wild animals in homes. Protect wildlife and people by demanding that wild creatures no be used as service animals.

Stop Algae Bloom From Suffocating and Poisoning Thousands of Marine Animals

Toxic algae is killing thousands of fish, poisoning marine mammals, and harming local fishing economies around San Francisco Bay. Demand the State of California take action and fund bay recovery.

Stop Selling Wild Animals as Family Pets

Live animal markets and auctions throughout Texas legally sell wild animals to unqualified buyers. Demand the sale of wildlife at these events is banned and help protect animals from the exotic pet trade.

Protect Global Biodiversity From Deforestation

Forests provide vital habitat for an estimated half of the world’s species, and are home to indigenous communities that depend on them for sustenance. However, each year 18 million acres of forest are destroyed to make room for agribusiness and industry. Demand California help stop mass deforestation.

Stop Recreational Hunting, Trapping, and Terrorizing of Big Cats

An attempt to ban the recreational hunting of mountain lions, bobcats, and Canada lynx failed, leaving these species at risk. It’s time to take a stand. Demand Colorado protect thousands of beautiful cats from being trapped, poisoned, and slaughtered.

Banish Agonizing Bow and Arrow Assaults Against Wildlife

Bears and other animals are being subjected to horrific injuries and slow, painful deaths because of bow hunting. Urge a state where this gross practice freely thrives to put a clamp on the cruelty.

Protect Giraffes From Poachers Before it’s Too Late

Giraffe populations have declined by 35% but officials still refuse to grant these animals the protection they deserve. Demand efforts to protect and restore giraffes before it’s too late.

Success: New Mexico County to Stop Funding Federal Wildlife-Slaughtering Agency

Grant County, New Mexico commissioners recently voted against funding a federal agency responsible for killing millions of wildlife each year. Sign this petition to thank commissioners and to encourage other counties throughout the nation to do the same.

Success: Coca-Cola Vows to Transition Towards Plant-Based Plastics

Coca-Cola has vowed to go completely plastic free by the year 2023, in favor of biodegradable, plant-based alternatives. Commend Coca-Cola for their commitment towards reducing their footprint on the environment.

Protect Endangered Animals From Climate Change Induced Catastrophes

Record-breaking floods have destroyed precious Australian forests, threatening thousands of already endangered species. Demand the US reduce their carbon footprint and to help ease the impact of global flooding.

Plant Vegetables Instead of Grass to Feed Neighbors in Need

With climate catastrophe and homelessness skyrocketing, we need a new campaign to replace turf grass with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Stop Poachers From Killing and Dismembering Endangered Animals

Exotic animals are being killed and dismembered by illegal poachers. Demand the United States take action to protect these majestic creatures.

Stop Offering Cash Bounties for Killed and Mutilated Beavers

Hunters are being encouraged to kill beavers and cut off their paws for cash bounties. Demand an end to this gruesome practice.

Fight Climate Change With Drought-Resistant Lawns for Every Homeowner

Grass lawns consume massive amounts of water, burn gasoline, and contribute to climate change. Drought-resistant yards are effective in staving off climate collapse, but they often go against neighborhood guidelines. Demand all residents have the right to environmentally friendly lawns.

Expand Wilderness Areas in Delicate Rainforest

Ancient forests home to unique animals and plant life are under attack from the timber industry. Call on Congress to protect these wild lands.

Reform Broken US Glass Recycling System

Levels of glass recycling are low in the US, with millions of tons left in landfills each year. Call on officials to expand recycling programs to more effectively combat waste and climate change.

Save Public Lands and Wilderness From Pollution and Underfunding

Wilderness areas are being neglected amid budget cuts and runaway wildfires. Call on Congress to ensure the National Forest Service has the funds necessary to properly protect and care for these irreplaceable public lands.

Save Thousands of Vulnerable Species From Extinction

An estimated one third of all plant and wildlife species in the U.S. are vulnerable to extinction, with 12,000 in need of immediate conservation action. Demand the Senate act to protect endangered species before it is too late.

Prevent a Billion Birds From Dying in Collisions With Buildings

1 billion birds die every year from collisions with manmade structures. Demand action to protect our feathered friends from slaughter.

Don’t Declare Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers Extinct

Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers are on the verge of being declared extinct, despite repeated sightings of them. To ensure their continued protection, this must not happen. Call on officials to delay declaring extinction and to protect these vulnerable birds.

Combat Climate Change by Protecting Old Growth Forests

Old growth forests are being destroyed due to logging. These irreplaceable ecosystems are critical for vulnerable wildlife species and absorb significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Call on officials to protect these critical forests.

Shark Pulled From Ocean and Stabbed in Head Deserves Justice

A video shows two men dragging a shark from the ocean, clubbing it with a hammer, and stabbing it in the head with a knife. Shockingly, this violent act is legal in Florida. Demand justice for this poor creature and protect other sharks from this tragic fate.

Stop Farmers From Killing Grey Wolves

Farmers have been allowed to intervene on an important case that threatens to delist gray wolves and remove their protections currently afforded to them as an endangered species. Demand wolves’ lives be prioritized and continue to protect populations of this keystone species.

Stop Creating Raging Wildfires With Open Burning

Agricultural burning is believed to have lit the flame to a major wildfire in Peru. The practice broadly threatens environmental wellness and public health every day. Demand leaders extinguish the flames of this dangerous farming technique.

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