Success: Vital Protections for Wild Birds Restored

Countless migratory and endangered birds were put at risk by former President Trump. Now, the Biden administration has protected these vulnerable creatures once more. Sign this petition to praise Biden’s actions to defend migrating birds.

Stop Forests From Being Stripped of their Biodiversity

The biodiversity of mature forests is being cut away by the logging industry. Sign this petition to protect the invaluable flora that safeguard the planet.

Protect Caribou From Being Slaughtered at an Alarming Rate

Caribou are being mercilessly poached, and perpetrators are getting away. Help protect this endangered species and maintain the delicate balance of the north.

Save Sea Cows From Starving to Death

Manatees in Florida are starving to death as toxic algae threatens their habitat and destroys their food source. Sign this petition to ensure immediate action to save these friendly sea cows.

Don’t Annihilate Entire Colony of Cliff Swallows

An important cliff swallow colony is set to be destroyed even though there’s an easy solution. Help save these imperiled birds.

Save the World’s Forgotten Fish From Extinction

Freshwater fish are threatened by extinction, with devastating consequences for ecosystems. Fish are forgotten and undervalued and have suffered abuse by humans for too long. Help stop the decline of freshwater fish populations.

Ban Toxic Herbicide That Kills Environment

The famous herbicide Roundup contains glyphosate, a highly toxic substance that destroys the environment. People, animals, and the planet are poisoned for pretty looking lawns. Demand for this ghastly product to be banished.

Combat Climate Change With Clean Renewable Energy

Clean energy could quite literally save the world. Demand that America’s leaders prioritize clean energy infrastructure in order to fight climate change.

Protect Vast, Biodiverse Nation From Environmental Cataclysm

The lands, air, water, and wildlife of Venezuela are at imminent risk due to years of environmental recklessness. Demand global action to rescue this haven of biodiversity.

Save Hippopotami From Gruesome Slaughter

Hippos in Colombia face an unjust cull due to their illegal import into a foreign environment. People’s wrongdoing has put these animals in a deadly predicament that must be resolved ethically. Demand the safeguard of these majestic creatures.

Stop Logging Wildlife Habitats to Fund Children’s Education

For too long, Washington state has relied on the revenue of timber sales to pay teachers and keep libraries open. This is not sustainable and has caused extensive devastation to the land. Demand that the state find an alternative means of financing dependent counties that does not put everyone’s future at greater risk.

Success: Wolves Potentially Saved From Cruel and Horrific Death Due to Strychnine

The brutal and cruel killing of wolves with strychnine may soon be banned, thanks to Canada’s Health Ministry. Sign this petition to thank those undertaking this important battle and encourage further success.

Stop Mega Mining Indigenous Territory

A Canadian mining company seeks to expand their operation onto indigenous land without consulting the communities whose lands they aim to exploit. This is in violation of the Argentine Constitution. Sign this petition to demand the plans to expand mega mining be put to a halt.

Success: General Motors Pledges All-Electric Vehicles Fleet

Electric vehicles are now an integral part of the national conversation about climate change. General Motors has pledged to replace its gasoline-powered cars and SUVS with this clean technology. Applaud this important inflection point in the battle against pollution and climate change.

Stop Pipeline Expansion from Driving Orca Whales to Extinction

Canadian pipeline expansion threatens extinction of Orca whales. The Trans Mountain Pipeline has a history of oil spills contaminating First Nations drinking water and sacred burial sites. Sign this petition to demand that Lloyds Insurance pull coverage and put a stop to further destruction.

Stop Suppressing Climate Activism

Fifty-three climate activists were arrested for peacefully protesting outside the Oil and Gas Ministry in Norway. Sign this petition to demand justice for the individuals that are speaking out to hold their government accountable.

Justice for Saltwater Lagoon Devastated by Pollution

Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon is suffering from the effects of the region’s agricultural industry polluting the waters. Environmental activists are calling on their government to grant the lagoon legal personhood. Sign this petition to demand protection from further pollution of the Mar Menor.

Protect New Mexico from Devastating Consequences of Fracking

A ban on fracking could protect thousands of acres and millions of citizens from devastating consequences. Sign the petition to show your support.

Stop High Speed Railway From Destroying Ancient Woodlands

A second high-speed railway in the UK puts wildlife habitats and ancient woodlands at risk. What has been presented as a greener alternative actually is predicted to result in more emissions. It will never achieve carbon neutrality and is not in alignment with agreed upon climate goals. Sign this petition to demand termination of this project.

Success: Construction of Trump’s Border Wall Comes to a Screaming Halt

Construction on the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. has been put to a stop. Now plans for restoration are in the works. Sign this petition to applaud Biden for heeding the call to stop this treacherous project from seeing completion.

Stop Palm Oil Deforestation From Destroying Endangered Lands and Wildlife

Millions of acres of forest and countless endangered species are lost every year to palm oil production. Demand a renewed commitment to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices within this destructive industry.

Save Vulnerable Wildlife By Reducing Dangerous Emissions

The most recent wildfires in Australia displaced or killed about 3 billion animals and made it so many forests are not able to properly grow back. Demand the government take needed steps to reduce emissions in order to hopefully avoid such tragedies in the future.

Success: Permit for Cancer Causing Plastics Factory Suspended

The development of a toxic plastic factory has been put on hold, thanks to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This project would have disturbed wetlands and unmarked graves of formerly enslaved people as well as furthered the environmental impact of polluting plastics. Sign this petition to praise this success.

Success: City Reservoir & Drinking Water Protected from Fracking

After public outcry and a petition on ForceChange, plans to frack near the LaDue Reservoir have been scrapped. Applaud Akron, OH mayor and city council for putting public health before profit.

Stop Seabed Mining From Devastating Marine Life

Seabed mining is certain to devastate already threatened marine life and ecosystems. Creating new forms of pollution and further disrupting already compromised species, it extracts non-renewable resources and will have far reaching consequences. Ban this practice in Washington before it begins.

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