Trump: Fight Climate Change, the Greatest Challenge of Our Lifetime

As the world burns, the endless cycle of politically motivated environmental destruction turns. Lives and habitats will be lost forever, and basic health standards diminished for the long-term. Urge a reversal of course on this path to self-destruction by demanding President Trump finally fight climate change.

Ban Use Of Explosives and Pyrotechnics in “Gender Reveal” Parties

Over 7,000 acres of California burned after a “gender reveal” ignited surrounding brush. Sign this petition to urge the state of California to ban the private use of fire hazards in “gender reveals.”

Stop Trump Administration From Clear Cutting Old Growth National Forest

The Trump administration has plans to clear-cut an old growth National Forest. This forest mitigates climate change, cleans the air, and acts as a habitat for countless animals. Demand that these public lands be protected from Donald Trump.

Allow Indigenous Practice of Controlled Burns to Prevent Wildfires

The ban on controlled burns has resulted in an uptick in destructive, massive wildfires. For years before Western settlers arrived in California, Native American tribes used this practice to prevent their unchecked spread. Sign this petition to urge the government to allow and promote indigenous controlled burns.

Protect Critical Habitats from Big Corporations Seeking to Destroy Them

Developers and polluters will now be able to veto critical habitats based on “economic impact,” giving them much more power to destroy our natural environment. Call for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove this new rule to take our environment out of the hands of greedy corporations.

Protect Out National Forests from Oil Drilling and Fossil Fuel Interests

Our rich and diverse National Forests may soon be opened up to destruction by oil companies. Call for environmental review to be carried out for all oil drilling proposals to protect our National Forests.

Save Fragile Coral Reefs From Toxic Sunscreens

Fragile coral reefs are suffering from the toxic chemicals in many sunscreens and the Trump administration has done nothing to protect these ecosystems. Urge the government to protect coral reefs from toxic sunscreen formulations.

Success: Alleged Shark Fin Traffickers Busted

Twelve suspects who reportedly made millions from the illegal trafficking and killing of sharks and endangered marine life for their valuable fins and bladders are now facing charges, thanks to the efforts of federal authorities. Applaud the demise of an alleged mass trafficking enterprise.

Success: Coal-Dependent Region to Invest in Sustainable, Safe Energy Sources

Poland has announced massive investment in green and sustainable energy, signaling a faster move away from coal which has been both the country’s main source of power and a perpetual stain on the environment. Congratulate the Polish government for this sensible decision.

Animals Allegedly Starving and Living in Filthy Zoo Cages Deserve Justice

Zoo animals who were reportedly found injured and living in unsanitary enclosures without proper food or water will soon be re-homed. Demand the man allegedly responsible for neglecting them get a strict punishment under the law.

Protect Critically-Endangered Monkeys From Deforestation

Growing human activity in Vietnam’s highlands could soon threaten hundreds of vulnerable species, among them a rare monkey called the gray-shanked douc langur. Demand that the government designate unique forests as nature reserves to protect their wild inhabitants.

Save Wildlife and Lands Imperiled By Fire and Floods From Extinction

Australia’s black summer left behind a trail of wildlife corpses and decimated natural habitats. Merciless fires and floods created a perfect storm of cataclysmic carnage, with climate change as the destructive match. Demand a real plan to save these endangered lands.

Protect Island Paradise from Deadly Microplastics

Microplastics litter the beaches of the Maldives, making it one of the microplastic capitals of the world. Bottles, bags, and clothing choke sea life and damage reefs. Demand the government intervene to prevent this destruction.

Investigate Deaths of Dozens of Dolphins Near Oil Spill Site

Dozens of dolphins have mysteriously died at the site of a recent catastrophic oil spill off the coast of Mauritius. What the ship was carrying and how it may have harmed wildlife haven’t been determined, and a full investigation is urgently needed to find out. Demand that this investigation be begun immediately.

Protect Wildlife and Public Health From Toxic Oil Fracking

The Trump administration is planning to open up land in California to oil drilling, which would increase air pollution, contribute to climate change, and destroy wildlife. Demand that the oil and gas lease sale be stopped to protect our environment and public health.

Trump: Don’t Sell Fragile Public Lands to Big Oil

A plan to open 1.7 million acres of public lands across Southwestern Colorado to oil and gas expansion was recently finalized by the Trump administration. Fracking and drilling throughout these crucial ecosystems will threaten endangered species and exacerbate climate change. Demand Trump immediately halt plans for fossil fuel extraction.

Success: Wildlife and Fishing Industry Protected From Poisonous Gold Mine

The construction of a destructive gold mine that would have severely damaged Alaskan wildlife has been blocked due in part to an environmental impact statement issued by the Army Corps of Engineers. Thank them for protecting endangered salmon and other species from habitat destruction and contamination.

Create Climate Change-Fighting Forest Shelters for Endangered Species

Assisted migration of depleted forests could write a promising new chapter for endangered plants, animals, and a world endangered by escalating climate change. Urge replenishment and resurgence of the country’s vital plant populations.

Don’t Give Mining and Logging Companies Free Reign to Destroy Environment

Vital protections for Indonesia’s environment could soon be eliminated despite widespread criticism. Foreign mining and logging companies’ demands for fewer restrictions have taken precedence over the welfare of communities and wildlife. Demand that the president of Indonesia put a stop to this destructive injustice.

Stop Capture of Royal Pythons for Meat and Profit on Black Market

Millions of royal pythons are captured every year to be killed for their meat or sold as pets. Studies have shown that snakes can experience emotions as easily as warm-blooded creatures, making their subsequent imprisonment even more unethical. Demand Africa’s government put a stop to the capture, sale, and killing of royal pythons.

Protect Endangered Butterfly from Expanding Ski Resort

A ski resort expansion may mean death for the struggling Mount Charleston blue butterfly. Demand that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service stay true to the Endangered Species Act and protect the butterfly from extinction.

Success: Migratory Birds Protected Against Slaughter

Migratory birds killed in incidental acts can now receive justice, thanks to advocates who fought the Trump administration’s efforts to curb their protections. This means that anyone who treats birds as collateral damage will face legal consequences. Support this conservation victory.

Success: Construction of Wildlife-Poisoning Mine Cancelled

A dangerous mining project on Alaska’s coast has been cancelled in an encouraging decision from the White House. This is a win for the local environment, which would have suffered greatly due to the release of toxic chemicals. Congratulate the Secretary of the Interior for this constructive development.

Pay for Medical Treatment of Sierra Leoneans Injured and Sickened by Diamond Mine

Thousands of lives are at stake in the vicinity of a controversial diamond mine in Sierra Leone, where locals are now fighting back against the destruction done to their homes and their health. Demand that the company responsible accept responsibility for the harm they’ve done and use their profits to repair the damage.

Save the Blue Macaw From Extinction Due to Devastating Wildfires

The blue macaw population has dwindled to just 6,500 individuals. Up to 15% of the birds live in a wildlife sanctuary in Brazil that was ravaged by wildfires. Sign this petition to urge the Brazilian government to financially invest in the rebuilding of the sanctuary to save these endangered birds.

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