Save Storied Garrano Ponies from Imminent Extinction

An iconic horse breed is at risk of extinction due to habitat loss and natural predators. Demand stronger protections for Garrano ponies.

Don’t Put Deep Freeze on EV Potential

The promise of electric vehicles in helping achieve a zero-emissions future is strong, but increasingly harsh weather and climate are presenting a roadblock. Demand more investment in EV technology that can withstand any environmental condition.

Don’t Let Gas Giant Undermine Climate Goals

Fossil fuel conglomerates are trying to reinvent themselves as climate saviors by misrepresenting an unproven technology. Demand one country that’s bought into the hype reassess its climate priorities.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Slaughtered for Entertainment’s Sake

Alleged abuse and exploitation of trout at an ice festival demand immediate action. Seek justice for the affected creatures.

Harvest Power of Tire Recycling for Green Energy

Recycling old tires could help fight the climate crisis. Demand investment in innovative ideas that can propel green energy forward.

Success: Iconic African Elephants On the Rise

African elephants are making a comeback. Applaud the habitat restoration efforts that helped make this conservation success possible.

Honor Oaths to Protect Whales and Help Rid the World of Poisonous Gases

Already-endangered whale populations may be the first casualties of a proposed natural gas terminal, but the entire planet may become the biggest victim. Demand better and cleaner decisions on disaster-laden fossil fuel investments.

Do Not Freeze Some of Sea’s Most Intelligent Animals Alive

An animal that has consistently demonstrated amazing intelligence and emotional maturity could now potentially be farmed and cruelly slaughtered for meat on an unprecedented scale. Help save the octopus from this horrific fate.

Stop Use of Culling as So-Called Conservation Measure

Deer are being targeted and killed by governments for simply existing. And increasingly, non-targeted deer species are caught in the crosshairs too. Demand leaders stop using death as a solution to ecological problems.

Stop Hunting Down Terrified Foxes for Sport

Traditional fox hunting in the UK faces allegations of animal cruelty through loophole exploitation. Call for stricter enforcement of hunting bans to protect wildlife.

Let Christmas Trees Light Up Nature

Discarded Christmas trees could be gifting ecosystems with crucial sustenance. Call for a robust investment in tree recycling around the holidays.

Save Salmon From Becoming Casualties of Fish Farming

A key member of aquatic ecosystems is being endangered by farmed invaders. Call for stronger protections for Iceland’s at-risk wild salmon population.

Stop Trashing Clean Energy Materials

Electronic devices most people throw away could be the boon clean energy initiatives need to thrive. Demand leaders recognize and leverage the power of these cast-away goods.

Protect Salmon and Bald Eagles From Copper Mine

An impending copper mine in Alaska will destroy critical salmon populations, as well as the world’s largest congregation of bald eagles. This copper mine must be stopped.

Stop Billionaires From Driving Environmental Collapse

Billionaires are polluting the planet at a rate that far outpaces the rest of the world. Demand Amazon’s Jeff Bezos stop letting his lavish lifestyle endanger the planet.

Save World’s Rarest Sea Turtle From Death by Oil

Endangered sea turtles and whales are just some of the species facing critical threats from the latest oil spill. Call for swift penalties for the responsible parties and stronger protections for vulnerable wildlife.

Save Amazon Rainforest From Annihilation

Drought and deforestation are killing the Amazon rainforest. Demand stronger safeguards to protect this essential natural resource.

Mitigate Impacts of Climate Change on Mental Health

Climate change might be adversely affecting human brain function and mental health. Urge comprehensive research into these neurological impacts and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Save Farmers from Adverse Climate Change Conditions

Farmers across Europe face hardships due to climate change. Urge immediate support and sustainable solutions.

Protect the Planet from Global Ice Loss Due to Climate Change

An escalation in global temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius beyond preindustrial standards could lead to the disappearance of a majority of glaciers, encompassing both tropical and mid-latitude areas. Time to take action now.

Applaud Rescue of World’s Loneliest Sheep

An abandoned sheep forced into solitude at the bottom of a cliff now has a new home. Commend rescuers for saving this lonely animal.

Let Fallen Leaves Replenish the Environment

Fallen leaves are often seen as a nuisance but are actually a big boon to the environment. Demand more value be placed on these eco-warriors.

Stop Billions of Birds From Dying in Building Collisions

When birds and buildings collide, tragedy too often results. Demand stronger protections for birds at risk from dangerous building designs.

Stop Pollution and Catastrophic Destruction of Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park stands on the edge of ruin, besieged by pollution, litter, and the relentless march of human development. Act now.

Do Not Jeopardize Public Health by Polluting Lake Erie

Lake Erie is gasping for life, choked by industrial filth, farm runoff, and raw sewage. Compel immediate action to rescue this dying titan of the natural world.

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