Keep National Parks Serene and Beautiful

Overcrowding at U.S. parks can destroy the peace of these natural havens and endanger native plants and animals. Demand leaders commit to solutions that can help restore the nation’s parks to their glory.

Stop Plan to Further Pollute Air Quality

Plans to build a sand and gravel terminal that will damage local air quality must be dropped. The project will negatively impact the health of nearby residents and our environment. Urge the responsible company to change course.

Protect Indigenous Communities from Major Oil Spill

A major oil spill has left Indigenous communities in Ecuador with no water supply, contaminating rivers and rainforests and leaving people and endangered species at great risk. Demand that this never happen again and that the company take responsibility.

Stop Legalized Slaughter of Rare Wild Sheep

Rare wild sheep are being slaughtered. Demand the politicians who claim they care about conservation actually protect these sheep.

Stop Deadly Droughts From Killing Thousands of Animals and People

Wildlife and people are at critical risk of death from a drought plaguing Kenya. Demand leaders dedicate themselves to reversing a crisis they helped create.

Don’t Put Coal Lobbyist in Charge of Environmental Protection

Virginia’s environmental future could be derailed with one confirmation. The former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, infamous for his destructive policies, is now up for a prime position managing Virginia’s natural resources. Demand leaders stop history from repeating itself with this horrible choice.

Keep Hydropower From Destroying Sensitive Ecosystems

If improperly handled, a major hydropower project could destroy precious forests and wildlife habitat. Demand leaders ensure clean energy from hydro doesn’t lead to more environmental harm.

Save Coral Reefs From Destruction Due to Greedy Overfishing

Environmentally critical coral reefs are rapidly dying. Marine animals, ecosystems, and the world’s oxygen supply are at risk. Demand action to save these irreplaceable natural wonders.

Stop the Slaughter of Whales for Blood Money

Japan is still allowing commercial whale hunts, with hundreds of these majestic creatures killed every year. Sign the petition to ban this cruel and inhumane practice.

Google Must Stop Promoting Climate Denialism

Climate change is real and worse than ever. One of the biggest blockades to fixing the problem is denialism, which is currently being promoted by Google. Sign the petition now to stop Google from running ads for anti-science publishers.

Stop Toxic Air Pollution Caused By Wood-Burning Stoves

Stoves touted as environmental saviors are actually helping destroy the environment while risking public health. Demand Europe stop promoting and start protecting against dangerous wood-burning products.

Don’t Surrender in Battle Against Catastrophic Climate Change

The United States is letting its best opportunity to combat destructive climate change pass by. One man, funded by special interests, stands in the way. Urge Senator Joe Manchin to change his mind and his heart about investing in the world’s future.

Success: Toxic Vehicle Emissions Reduced in Fight Against Climate Change

Vehicle emissions, a major contributor to rising greenhouses gasses and climate change, will soon be reduced thanks to a landmark announcement by environmental advocates. Sign the petition to thank them for taking steps towards a cleaner future.

Stop Slaughtering Sharks Out of Fear

Sharks are being slaughtered by humans out of fear. Simple and safe solutions exist. Demand authorities stop slaughtering sharks.

Stop Shielding Big Polluters From Liability

Lawyers are actively contributing to the climate crisis by helping powerful corporations get away with environmental murder. Demand one of the worst offenders bought and paid for by fossil fuel special interests turn a new page in their legal legacy.

Stop Logging Industry From Destroying Last Old-Growth Forests

Old-growth forests that fight climate change and sustain ecosystems are at dire risk from invasive logging. Demand officials stop attacking protesters and start preserving these ancient natural wonders.

End Destruction of Natural Wilderness That Fights Climate Change

Scotland’s peatlands, one of the largest carbon sinks in the world, are shrinking rapidly due to human interference. The land will begin to emit carbon if not properly cared for and contribute to global warming. Demand protection for this natural fighter of climate change.

Ban Lawful Trail Hunting That Leads to Slaughter of Protected Animals

A legal form of hunting is being used to carry out illegal killings of foxes and other wild animals across the United Kingdom. Demand an all-out prohibition of trail hunting before it claims more lives.

Reduce Potent Greenhouse Gas to Fight Global Warming

Methane accounts for 25% of global warming and is 80 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. Oil and gas companies are by far the biggest offenders and need stronger regulation.

Stop Auctioning Off Public Lands for Fossil Fuel Pillaging

American leaders continue to break crucial promises to cut greenhouse gas emissions and slow dangerous global warming. A record number of oil and gas drilling permits onshore and offshore are compounding the crisis. Urge an end to these auctions of environmental destruction.

Make Plastic Producers Pay to Recycle Their Environmentally Toxic Products

The oceans are drowning in plastic and will outnumber fish in less than thirty years. Most of the plastic production is caused by just twenty companies. Sign the petition to ensure they pay for the mess that they caused.

Stop Climate Change-Fueled Neurotoxins From Causing Widespread Brain Damage

Climate change driven wildfires and hurricanes grow worse every year and are spewing neurotoxic particulates into the air and water. Demand action to protect the public from these deadly toxins.

Stop Polluting Waterways and Natural Areas With Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are the most common form of toxic waste, numbering in billions of pounds yearly. They endanger wildlife and cause fires. Demand immediate action to reduce this environmental poison.

Save Hundreds of Lakes and Wildlife Habitats From Disappearing Forever

Beautiful lakes and diverse wildlife are disappearing at an alarming rate in Turkey. Humanity’s exploitation of these lands and waters are to blame. Call for urgent action to rescue these natural wonders from annihilation.

Stop Oil and Gas Lobbyists From Corrupting Global Climate Change Policy

Oil and gas lobbyists are corrupting the world’s efforts to combat climate change. It’s time to put the environment ahead of this greedy industry’s profits.

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