Protect Ancient Waters Against Destructive Dam

Arizona’s limited water source and beautiful landscape could be damaged by a proposed dam that would pump unrenewable groundwater. Demand that the permit for this destructive dam be revoked.

Restore Endangered Grizzly Bears to the Cascades

Grizzly bears are nearly extinct in the North Cascades, and the Department of the Interior has scrapped plans to help them recover. Speak out to ensure a future for these majestic, imperiled animals.

Justice for Centennial Turtle Nearly Snatched and Trafficked

A 100-year-old turtle was maimed for a second time in a potential wildlife trafficking attempt gone wrong. The perpetrator remains at large and still poses an imminent threat. Urge the full prosecution of this calculated act.

Say No to Plastic Bags and Straws in New York City

Disposable plastic bags and straws are a threat to wildlife and the environment. Demand enforcement of New York City’s ban on these harmful single-use items.

Trump: Protect Environment From Toxic Infrastructure During Pandemic

Polluting infrastructure projects such as power plants and pipelines could go unregulated as the Trump administration plans to rollback vital environmental safeguards in the permit process. In addition to increasing the threat of climate change, this decision could exacerbate public health risk during the coronavirus crisis. Demand President Trump maintain vital precautions needed to protect people and the environment.

Protect Pennsylvania from Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Pennsylvania is one step closer to charging big energy companies a fee for polluting our land, air, and water. Sign the petition to show your support for this initiative.

EU: Enforce Ban on Harmful Bee-Killing Pesticides

The EU has allowed companies to use harmful bee-killing pesticides repeatedly despite its ban on insecticides. Call for the EU to protect pollinators and enforce its ban on these deadly chemicals.

Return Capitol Lake to a Natural Estuary

Olympia’s manmade Capitol Lake has bred pollution and invasive species. A natural habitat was destroyed to make room for this body of water that neither animals nor humans can take advantage of. Demand that the lake be returned to a natural estuary.

Stop Sale of Endangered Shark Species as Meat

Endangered shark meat is still on the menu in Australia. Sign this petition to save sharks from being slaughtered and sold for meat.

Protect Brazil’s Corn Yields from Destructive Deforestation

Unchecked deforestation is proving disastrous for Brazil’s agricultural sector, especially its corn yields. Demand that the government finally fight back against this illegal deforestation before the nation’s agriculture, economy, and future are destroyed.

Demand End to Destructive Wood Pellet Mislabelling

Wood pellets, a harmful biomass fuel, could soon be mislabeled as carbon-neutral, despite decades of research stating otherwise. They are responsible for the destruction of woodlands and they remove vital nutrients from soil. Demand that the dangers of this energy source be revealed to the public.

Restore Grizzlies to Native Habitats to Prevent Their Devastating Extinction

Grizzly bears will not be making a triumphant return to an ecosystem from which they were unceremoniously cast away, thanks to a dictate from the Trump Interior Department. The species’ population continues to decline, and this latest blow could be all it takes to wipe them out completely. Urge immediate reinstatement of a needed animal conservation program.

Cut Harmful Airline Emissions That Are Causing a Climate Disaster

Airline pollution is making climate change worse and reducing our chances of staving off an environmental collapse. Demand that the United Nations agency require airlines to reduce or offset their emissions.

Recruit Farms to Fight Devastating Climate Change

A critical deadline has been set in the international fight against climate change catastrophe. Farmers could play a vital role in curtailing this crisis, and the answer may rest in an agricultural technique used worldwide. Demand investment in a solution that could potentially reduce pollution by billions of tons and rescue the world from imminent collapse.

Protect Recovering Mediterranean Marine Life From Plastic Pollution

Marine plants and animals in Italian waters have rebounded due to the absence of humans in the sea, but this progress is threatened by increasing amounts of plastic waste. Urge the Italian government to undertake cleanup operations to protect this astonishing recovery.

Ban Single Use Plastics in Washington State

Single-use plastics have polluted the oceans and devastated the environment for the last 60 years. Demand that Washington State ban these wasteful materials and protect marine life.

Protect Australia’s Endangered Mountain Bells from Extinction

A rare and beautiful flower in Australia with millions of years of history may soon disappear forever. Sign the petition to demand its protection.

Protect the Endangered Pearl River Map Turtle from Extinction

The Pearl River map turtle has declined in population by over 90 percent due to habitat loss and hunting. Sign the petition to demand that the species be afforded federal protections to save it from extinction.

Investigate the Gruesome Decapitation of Five Threatened Sea Lions

Five threatened Steller sea lions were brutally decapitated and left on a Vancouver beach. The clean removal of their heads suggests that a human is behind their horrific deaths. Demand a full investigation into this disturbing discovery.

Solve Mystery of Mass Elephant Die-Off

An unknown ailment is killing elephants by the hundreds in Botswana. The nation’s government has done nothing to identify or remedy this rapidly accelerating die-off. Demand that those in charge work for the salvation of these precious natural resources.

Stop Mass Shooting of Endangered Gray Wolves

Endangered gray wolves have been repeatedly shot and killed for hunting livestock. Their population is dropping in Washington State, and yet there remains no consequence for their slaughter. Demand greater protections for these wolves and alternative solutions to protect livestock.

End Potential Capture and Smuggling of Wild Birds That Cripples Ecosystems

Thousands of Indonesian birds are likely to have been captured and smuggled for profit, in violation of laws meant to protect wildlife from starvation and abuse. Demand that this activity be investigated, and the offenders charged.

Don’t Dynamite Endangered Dolphins and Turtles

Endangered marine life will soon be massacred with dynamite in Brazil in the name of economic progress. Not only is the Amazon river basin home to countless species, but it is also a food source for locals. Demand that this heinous plan be shut down.

Protect Wolverines from Extinction

Wolverines have suffered from overhunting and habit loss as a result of climate change. Fewer than 300 individuals of the species are living today. Call for wolverines to be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Stop the U.S. Navy from Damaging Molokini’s Wildlife

The U.S. Navy is planning to detonate leftover unexploded bombs off of Molokini, an island with diverse marine wildlife. This would severely damage irreplaceable coral reef ecosystems. Call for the Navy to find an alternative that won’t harm aquatic animals.

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