Help Save Animals From Dangerous Mudslides

Target: Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Demand the U.S. provide financial aid to South African communities affected by climate change.

Catastrophe strikes yet again, this time devastating a series of South African communities. The collapse of a mining dam has flooded areas of Jagersfontein and Charlesville, killing at least 3 people and hospitalizing numerous others, as well as killing an unknown number of domestic animals and wildlife. Mudslides like these—brought upon by exacerbated rainfall and other global warming effects—are not uncommon in the region. Back in April, heavy rainfall and landslides caused the death of about 450 people, and displaced an additional 40,000. And, although the entire continent of Africa accounts for only 2-3% of the world’s carbon emissions, they are the ones bearing the brunt of our selfish habits.

While the human death toll is mostly accounted for, no one knows how many animals were affected by the floods. Estimates run in the hundreds to thousands, as there is no way to fully assess the damage done to the diverse animal communities. Currently, animal rescue efforts are underway, and rescuers need help funding veterinary care, as well as food and blankets for the hundreds of dogs, cats, livestock, and wildlife they have found covered by mud. So far, over 600 animals have been rescued, with countless others in need of human intervention and resources. Animal care officers are overwhelmed by the devastation, and do not have the resources needed to help.

Animals are typically the forgotten victims of natural disasters such as these, but they need help just as badly. Sign this petition to demand the U.S. pay the consequences of its actions and help to fund animal and human rescue efforts in South African communities afflicted by these disastrous mudslides.


Dear President Biden,

Recently, a mining dam collapsed—likely the result of severely heavy rainfall—flooding regions of South Africa’s Free State province. At least 3 people have been killed, while several others have been reported missing or hospitalized with hypothermia and broken bones. While the entire continent of Africa accounts for a mere 2-3% of all the world’s emissions, they are no stranger to the catastrophic effects of climate change. Back in April, a wide scale landslide killed over 400 people, while simultaneously displacing another 40,000.

In addition to the human lives taken and the communities and infrastructures destroyed, an estimated thousands of domestic animals and wildlife were killed by this natural disaster. Animal rescue efforts are underway, and rescuers are horrified by what they are seeing. So far, over 600 dogs, cats, and livestock have been saved from dire conditions. However, with limited funds and resources, rescue organizations are finding it hard to provide affected animals with the veterinary care, food, blankets, and other resources they need.

Climate change has become a global issue—and American must pay the price for its contribution to the suffering it causes. We are asking you, Mr. Biden, to donate resources to South Africa to help communities and animals who have been harmed by the actions of the US.


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Photo Credit: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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