Stop Universities From Torturing Lab Animals

Target: Vincent Price, President of Duke University

Goal: Demand Duke University end alleged abuse and neglect of lab animals in their research facilities.

Duke University, a top-ranking college located in Durham, North Carolina, has received backlash for recent allegations of lab animal abuse. The complaint, filed by PETA, reports that the University had violated multiple of even the most basic Animal Welfare Act standards of care and treatment for research animals. Employees reportedly forgot to feed pigs for an entire weekend, and seemingly failed to provide veterinary care for a dog struggling to give birth.

Each year, Duke uses tens of thousands of animals in its laboratories. Last year alone, 677 rabbits, 317 hamsters, 182 monkeys, 173 ferrets, 28 dogs, and four cats were subjected to seemingly painful experiments and, according to federal reports, a percentage of animals weren’t even given adequate pain relief. Considering Duke was just awarded more than $731 million last year from the National Institutes of Health, it is their moral–and legal–obligation to adhere to the higher standards set by the AWA.

Sign this petition to demand Duke University stop the alleged abuse of animals used in research at their institution.


Dear President Price,

It has recently come to public attention that lab directors at your institution are allegedly violating the most basic standards of animal care and treatment, as regulated by the Animal Welfare Act. In a complaint filed by PETA, employees reportedly forgot to feed pigs leaving them hungry for an entire weekend, and seemingly refused to provide veterinary care to a dog during a difficult birth, jeopardizing the lives of four puppies in the process. It is also alleged that of the thousand plus animals used for research at Duke, a large percentage weren’t given sufficient pain relief following painful procedures.

We are asking you, Mr. Price, to enforce AWA regulations and demand your lab adhere to the higher animal welfare standards.


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Photo Credit: Vdegroot at Dutch Wikipedia


  1. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Better still, stop using animals for so called ‘research’. It doesn’t work and it’s inhumane.

  2. All universities should be banned from doing testing on live animals they have screwed up made mistakes animals have died suffered I don’t know why they need to do this with science and technology they do not need to use live animals it is cruel medieval form of torture!

  3. Alice K. Knight says:

    What takes the government so long to step in and knowing fully the atrocities being performed? It’s shameful. How can the government act as if nothing is happening and allow this torturing to continue? The amount of animals abused in experiments is proof it is being allowed to continue. Any facility abusing animals should be held accountable for every life they have destroyed. There are other ways of performing tests without using animals.

  4. Gilda Provenzano says:

    I HATE PEOPLE.Will never forget a photo i saw years ago with a live cat with with something through its head. It will stay with me until i die.

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