Stop Spraying Family Pets with Poisonous Cyanide

Target: Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader of the United States Senate

Goal: Prohibit the use of poisonous, indiscriminate cyanide bombs as a method of wildlife population control.

The USDA’s Wildlife Services has garnered a terrible reputation for its senseless killing of millions of wild animals across the United States each year. As if this wasn’t cruel enough, the government-funded program has implemented atrocious methods of predator control, including the use of M-44 devices, also known as cyanide bombs. These inhumane traps lure wildlife with scented bait and spray sodium cyanide which poisons any animal that pulls on the trigger, leading to a slow, agonizing death.

Cyanide bombs are indiscrimate methods of population management, and there is no way to control who pulls the trigger. This means many unintended victims–such as endangered species, family pets, and even humans–feel the affects. In one particular case, a 14-year old boy named Canyon was walking his dog near his home and accidentally triggered one of these bombs. The blast killed his dog slowly, and Canyon has lingering health complications from the cyanide exposure to this day.

Recently, Canyon’s Law (HR 4951/S 4584) was introduced, which would ban the use of cyanide bombs on public lands. Sign this petition to demand the Senate pass the bill and prohibit the use of these dangerous and unnecessary weapons once and for all.


Dear Senator Schumer,

The use of cyanide bomb traps by the USDA’s Wildlife Services program inflicts unnecesary pain upon animals before killing them. These baited traps lure wildlife in and, once the trigger is pulled, spray sodium cyanide in the face of their victims. Since there is no way to control who activates the trigger, unintended victims such as endangered species, family pets, or even children can be affected. In one case, a 14-year old boy accidentally activated one of these heinous traps, killing his dog and leaving him with lifelong health complications.

It is bad enough that the Wildlife Services kills millions of animals each year; there is absolutely no reason why they have to make the animals suffer as they do it. We are asking you, Mr. Schumer, to pass Canyon’s Law (HR 4951/S 4584) and protect our animals and people.


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  1. Gilda Provenzano says:

    STOP THIS NOW!! And keep your pets INSIDE.Fucking rednecks in Long Island are shooting ferals and stray cats. Womans cat just died yesterday from gunshot wound.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    BAN cyanide bombs NOW!

  3. Cindy Miller says:


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