Articles written by: Victoria Paige

Protect Millions of People From Flooding Caused by Climate Change

Flooding caused by climate change has submerged one third of Pakistan, forcing half a million people out of their homes. Demand wealthier countries that are responsible for most of the world’s emissions face the consequences of their actions and compensate Pakistan in funding and aid.

Stop Poachers From Killing and Dismembering Endangered Animals

Exotic animals are being killed and dismembered by illegal poachers. Demand the United States take action to protect these majestic creatures.

Stop Offering Cash Bounties for Killed and Mutilated Beavers

Hunters are being encouraged to kill beavers and cut off their paws for cash bounties. Demand an end to this gruesome practice.

Stop Subjecting Millions of Animals to Torture for “Research”

Tens of millions of animals are subjected to torturous research experiments, despite the many viable, non-animal testing methods that exist. Demand Congress pass pending legislation to promote the use of these alternative measures and reduce the number of animals used in testing.

Success: City to Lift Discriminatory Pit Bull Ban

A city recently lifted its antiquated, decade-long ban on pit bull ownership. This gives the millions of dogs a better chance at finding a forever home. Thank the Excelsior Springs City Council for speaking up for pit bulls across the U.S.

Don’t Abandon Animals in Need During Natural Disasters

Animals are in danger of being left behind during devastating disasters made worse by climate change. Demand that Congress take action to protect pets and other living creatures from harm.

Save Thousands of Vulnerable Species From Extinction

An estimated one third of all plant and wildlife species in the U.S. are vulnerable to extinction, with 12,000 in need of immediate conservation action. Demand the Senate act to protect endangered species before it is too late.

Prevent a Billion Birds From Dying in Collisions With Buildings

1 billion birds die every year from collisions with manmade structures. Demand action to protect our feathered friends from slaughter.

Make Healthy, Humane, Plant-Based Foods Available to Students

Students will now have better access to healthy, sustainable, humane plant-based foods at school in California. Encourage New York to make similar investments towards the future health of our young people and the planet.

Stop Skinning Animals Alive

Animals are apparently being stabbed to death, skinned alive, and decapitated with saws at custom slaughterhouses where cruelty is largely unregulated. Demand that these facilities be closed immediately.

Shark Pulled From Ocean and Stabbed in Head Deserves Justice

A video shows two men dragging a shark from the ocean, clubbing it with a hammer, and stabbing it in the head with a knife. Shockingly, this violent act is legal in Florida. Demand justice for this poor creature and protect other sharks from this tragic fate.

Stop Farmers From Killing Grey Wolves

Farmers have been allowed to intervene on an important case that threatens to delist gray wolves and remove their protections currently afforded to them as an endangered species. Demand wolves’ lives be prioritized and continue to protect populations of this keystone species.

Don’t Give Abusers Legal Access to Firearms

A significant loophole in the Violence Against Women Act has allowed stalkers and other perpetrators of physical violence towards women access to firearms. Demand Congress deny these individuals access to deadly guns and put the victims first.

Federally Legalize Cannabis to Stop Unnecessary Incarceration

The criminalization of cannabis at the federal level has, for decades, disproportionately affected communities of color. Demand the Senate take steps towards ending the racial disparities that exist in incarceration for cannabis usage and legalize the drug throughout the U.S.

Fight Climate Change and Habitat Loss by Protecting Vital Grasslands

Grasslands provide crucial support for local communities, maintain biodiversity, and help to combat the ever-growing impacts of global climate change. Still, we are destroying them at a rampant pace that risks losing these precious habitats forever. Demand the Senate vote to conserve our worlds’ plains.

Stop Killing Millions of Lab Animals to Save Money and Space

In addition to the millions of animals subjected to torturous experiments, millions of other animals are killed in labs without ever being experimented on simply to save money and space. Demand U.S. labs stop breeding animals in surplus and stop the culling of animals deemed unnecessary or “excess.”

Success: Tigers Making a Comeback Due to Conservation Efforts

Tiger populations have been increasing throughout regions of Asia and Nepal for the first time in centuries. Thank the World Wildlife Fund conservation organization for their dedicated efforts in protecting these majestic cats.

McDonald’s: Stop Destroying the Amazon Rainforest

McDonald’s appears to be one of the largest contributors to deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. This rainforest plays an essential role regulating the Earth’s climate and houses much of the world’s biodiversity. Demand McDonald’s stop adding to Earth’s destruction.

Stop Legal Torture of Highly Intelligent Octopuses in Laboratories

Octopuses and other invertebrates used in scientific research receive little to no protection. Demand these animals receive the same minimal standards of proper housing and care as do other lab animals.

Stop Workers From Reportedly Striking Cows With Paddles

A leading global food processing company has been subject to dozens of animal abuse allegations over the past few years. Most recently, a worker at the supply chain was reportedly seen beating two cows with a paddle for no reason. Demand further investigations to ensure animal welfare standards on farms are being upheld.

Protect the Dugong From the Brink of Extinction

The dugong has just been officially considered functionally extinct in China, and many other animals are likely to follow suit if we don’t act fast. Demand that the U.S. support increased protections for the world’s oceans.

Facebook: Don’t Promote Illegal Sale of Endangered Animals

Facebook reportedly serves as a platform for animal traffickers and poachers to publicly sell endangered animals and animal body parts. Demand they stop seemingly allowing these illicit activities to take place on their site and to take a stance for global biodiversity.

Stop Celebrities From Polluting the Planet With Private Jets

Kylie Jenner and several other celebrities have faced recent backlash for exhausting tremendous amounts of fossil fuels simply to avoid car traffic. Demand stricter regulations on private jet travel are enforced to stop celebrities from wasting our Earth’s precious resources.

Don’t Return Dogs to Breeder Accused of Starving Them on Feces-Covered Property

A total of 41 emaciated dogs were reportedly discovered on a South Carolina property living in squalor atop their own feces. The man responsible will likely be able to retain possession of some of these dogs, according to law enforcement officials. Demand that all animals be removed from the custody of this apparently irresponsible owner.

Punish Man Who Reportedly Smuggled 1,700 Animals in Plastic Bags

A man reportedly smuggled over 1,700 animals into the U.S. by hiding them in his clothing and tiny plastic bags. Demand he be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for his apparent contribution to the exotic pet trade industry.

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