Stop Cutting Open Greyhounds for Entertainment

Target: Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Demand Australia ban the artificial impregnation of greyhounds in favor of more humane, less invasive alternatives.

Recently, a movement to ban the artificial impregnation of greyhounds in Australia was overturned in a New South Wales animal welfare bill, despite much opposition from veterinary technicians and the public majority. This highly invasive, unnecessary, and unethical procedure—which is illegal in most countries throughout the world—is oftentimes extremely painful for dogs who undergo it. Ovulating female dogs are anesthetized, and their abdomens are cut open. The uterus is then injected with semen before being returned to the dogs’ abdomen.

In addition to the dangers of anesthetics and invasive procedures, a series of life-threatening health complications–including blood-clotting–can arise after this surgery. Still, this practice is thriving throughout Australia as a means to produce racing greyhounds, as well as other types of dog breeds like French bulldogs and pugs.

Sign this petition to demand an end to this cruel surgical procedure and to protect greyhounds under Australian law.


Dear Prime Minister Albanese,

There are many reasons why artificially impregnating greyhounds has been outlawed in other countries. For instance, this procedure–which is regarded as unethical by a large percentage of the vets forced to perform it–is extremely invasive. It involves anesthetizing ovulating female dogs, cutting their abdomens open, and injecting their uterus with semen. In addition to the risks from the anesthetics, dogs may suffer from a series of health conditions–such as blood-clotting–in the aftermath of the surgery.

We are asking you, Mr. Albanese, to ban this cruel practice in Australia. Our entertainment is not worth these dogs’ severe suffering.


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  1. Poor Dogs 🙁 xx
    How disgusting are people!!!!
    They will do anything to Animals for money!
    Thought Aus PM was a better person than this,,, what a disappointment he is when it comes to Animal welfare and the environment,, he’s no better than the last Aus PM idiot!

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