Stop Logging Industry From Destroying Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Target: Randy Moore, Chief of the U.S. Forest Service

Goal: Demand the protection of vital recovery zones for an imperiled population of grizzly bears.

Back in 2021, the United States Forest Service–a federal agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture–approved a massive logging project that would clear thousands of acres of forest on the east side of Montana’s Paradise Valley. This reckless destruction–set to take place just north of Yellowstone National Park–would threaten grizzly bear populations in areas designated vital recovery zones. If these plans are seen to completion, they would harm the recovery of these imperiled bears, further isolate Yellowstone grizzly populations, and decrease genetic diversity, in turn harming future reproductive success. These plans also strongly counteract Biden’s climate initiative. Destroying acres of old-growth, carbon-storing forests would release significant amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to the already mounting effects of global warming.

Recently, multiple conservation groups have filed a lawsuit against this agency to challenge its poor decisions. Sign this petition to demand the U.S. Forest Service keeps these vital grizzly recovery habitats intact and considers the impacts of their decision on imperiled bear populations and global climate.


Dear Chief Moore,

It has recently come to public attention that your agency approved of a massive logging project just north of Yellowstone National Park. This operation is set to take place in an area designated a vital recovery zone for a population of grizzly bears, in an old-growth forest containing some of the region’s oldest and largest trees. Not only will your destruction of acres upon acres of grizzly bear habitat further harm the population recovery and further isolate the bears–both genetically and geographically–, it will also strongly counteract the pledges made by our President to take more initiative on behalf of the planet. Tearing down forests will release tons of carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming effects.

We are asking you, Mr. Moore, not to go through with these plans. Your decision has implications for the rest of the world.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith


  1. Why have i to ether sites do not.nter my details every time I sign? Other sites do not.

  2. The warning thing is all natural and we aren’t causing it but agree about harming the bears

  3. Wendy+Morrison says:


  4. Greedy humans and our government is complicit in this atrocity.

  5. Why on earth does the USA make parks and natural habitats for it’s animals then set about destroying them?

  6. Why decimate the bears? Why chop down our defense against the climate crises? It appears our government does not enforce what needs tone enforced, mainly this old growth forest. This can happen due to the Supreme Court passing a law back in the 90”s. It’s called the Citizens United Law. This was begun by corporations claiming corporations were the same as people and need to be viewed in that manner. Since then dark money has plagued our government with lobbyists and corporations giving money to politicians overtly and under the table. The result? They sell out “we the people” who voted for them and believed lies about improving life for all, including wildlife and animal species. How? By keep the National Parks in good shape for” we the people” to enjoy. If this had been the truth the Parks would serve as peaceful retreats for humans and animal welfare too.I Also a force to help us get out of this climate crises which harms our entire planet.
    We actually need our animals and wildlife to help us through the climate issue. Sharks to maintain the eco system of the oceans and the wolf to maintain the eco system of the land with emphasis now on the quality of soil. We are facing the destruction of earth and are too stupid to even try to understand how we can help instead of kill the living beings and plants we need to survive. We had time but now I’m not sure. If we ALL wake up from our concentration on our own needs to realize the earth has needs then possibly earth may possibly survive.

  7. Maria Lavorato says:

    How is this helping the planet? It is certainly not helping God’s creatures.

    You plan is just to mow everything down and not give a tiny rats ass for any consequences!

    Start IMMEDIATELY TO PROTECT all grizzly bear’s vital recovery zones or in time this as well will come back to BITE UGLY GREEDY MAN! Instead of destroying everything how about protecting and nurturing of all species! God put them here for a reason!

  8. Urszula Lund says:

    These GREEDY BASTARDS are DESTROYING the biggest NATURAL JEWELS of our planet, namely WILDLIFE and YELLOWSTONE.
    And the Government keeps SILENT, thus being an ACCOMPLICE in this irreversible ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME!!!!
    Humans have forgotten what RESPECT, LOVE and COMPASSION is. Humans have become the most disgusting and MURDEROUS minds on Planet Earth, supported by the authorities!!!!

  9. How the eff is such a project getting approval in this day and age? Pure greed over the needs of the planet and wildlife.

  10. Charleen Murphy says:

    Leave the forest alone we need it & the bears & other animals need it!
    It’s greedy & terrible to cut down the trees

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