Don’t Let Animal Abusers Become Child Abusers

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Goal: Demand stricter prosecution of animal abusers to protect animals and people from violence.

Each year, over 10 million animals are abused to death throughout the U.S., with countless others suffering from severe, human-inflicted physical and psychological trauma. While animal cruelty is typically regarded as an isolated issue, the link between animal cruelty and violence against humans and other illegal activities has been relatively well established. One study found over 71% of perpetrators of domestic violence abused their pets as well, while an estimated 88% of child abusers were also reported animal abusers.

The Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act of 2021 was introduced to the House in hopes of dedicating more substantial legal resources towards prosecuting animal abusers. This act recognizes that the lack of a dedicated animal crimes enforcement unit in the U.S. has resulted in an insufficient and delayed responses to animal cruelty crimes. If passed, Congress would establish an Animal Cruelty Crimes Section within the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. This section would be able to enforce federal laws prohibiting animal cruelty to allow for more direct, and effective responses towards investigating and prosecuting cases of animal abuse.

Sign this petition to demand the Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act of 2021 be passed, and that animals receive greater legal protections under federal law.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Cruelty towards animals has been connected to violence towards humans and other illegal activities, including domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, homicide, and drug trafficking. However, current federal approaches to cases of animal abuse are slow and ineffective, and tens of millions of animals are left to suffer severe physical and psychological trauma at the hands of their abusers. The introduction of the Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act of 2021 to Congress provides a new hope for animals and people affected by human-inflicted violence. Through establishing an Animal Cruelty Crimes Section within the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, this act would allow for more adequate investigation and prosecution of animal abuse.

We are asking you, Speaker Pelosi, to support this act and encourage more federal protections for animals throughout the country.


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  1. Manitou Calmstorm says:

    How dare these pieces of dog puke abuse animals! Give me 5 minutes alone with those p.o.s.’s and I guarantee they will wish to God they had never abused an innocent animal.

    This is not only inexcusable, but absolutely unacceptable. I want ALL animal abusers to suffer the same fate as those poor creatures. We were put here to protect not hurt them.

    Only when God gave us permission to eat livestock, we’re even supposed to eat meat. Vegens be educated, when you refuse to eat the flesh of a cow, pig, chicken or whatever, you are dishonoring the sacred life of that animal that gave it’s life to feed your kind.

    Pets, however are not for consumption. They are also not your punching bag and are not allowed to be abused.

    Piss on Pelosi. Tell Biden to make animal abuse the same crime as pertained to humans. What the abuser does to the animals, the same exact thing befalls that bastard as they did to that animal.

    REGARDLESS of age, sex or race, if you can do the crime, you can do the time.

  2. Abuse fosters abuse- the only cure is love and kindness.

    The people who abuse animals are sick and need to be prevented from ever owning a pet. Crimes against, and abuse of, animals need to be taken very seriously. These crimes need to be kept on an offenders register by the authorities to prevent any recurrence of the offenders sadistic behaviour either to animals or humans.

  3. Alice K. Knight says:

    Whether they are human being or animals, no living being deserve to be abused in any way, shape or form. Animal abusers need to be held accountable for their choices and actions just as human abusers do. both types of abusers need to be punished with harshest of penalties. Is it really that difficult to pass a law
    that may or would stop this kind of behaviour? This behaviour cannot always be a mental issue. Can a person perform these atrocities just for the pleasure of it, fully knowing what they are doing?

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