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Lindsay Savitzky

I'm a published writer with one book under her belt and more in progress. I'm a strong advocate for the rights and well-being of people and animals alike, including but not limited to volunteering at an animal shelter.

People in face masks - Henry Merino

Enforce Stronger Penalties for Not Wearing Masks During Pandemic

Many people across the United States refuse to wear masks in public, most notably a Florida man who’s angry reaction to being asked to put one on in a store has gone viral. Several states are issuing fines to those who will not wear masks, but this is not enough to curtail this selfish behavior. Urge the government to issue stronger punishments towards those who selfishly ignore public health concerns for their own “rights.”

Stop the Killing of Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs in Their Dens

The Trump administration has rolled back the regulations forbidding the shooting of wolves and bears in their dens, allowing hunters to lure the pups and cubs out with treats in order to kill them. Demand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reverse this rollback immediately.

Success: National Parks Receive Needed Funding for Conservation Efforts

The national park system will receive over 18 million dollars for maintenance and repairs in a landmark victory for environmentalists. The national park system has been underfunded for decades, as well as threatened by oil companies and hunters seeking to claim miles of unspoiled nature for themselves. Thank those who voted in favor of funding and protecting public lands.

Halt Sales of Endangered Fish Species

Fish at risk of extinction are being sold and eaten in restaurants because of a legal loophole. Urge Australia’s government to ensure species like the scalloped hammerhead are legally protected.

Charge Man Accused of Viciously Beating Dog With Felony

A man accused of viciously beating an innocent dog has only been charged with a misdemeanor, despite animal abuse being a felony in Alabama. The dog is lucky to be alive after what he has been through. See that the man accused of this brutality is properly charged and punished for his seemingly cruel behavior towards this poor dog.

Success: LGBT Workers Legally Protected From Discrimination

LGBT workers will finally be treated with respect, and employers will not be allowed to fire people or deny them employment based on their sexuality or gender orientation. This decision came down from the Supreme Court and was suggested by House Democrats. Thank Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats for making this possible.

Stop Corruption of United States Police

Police brutality is at an all time high in the United States, with George Floyd being just one of many victims. The police as an organization have become corrupt and violent, causing the public to lose trust in them. Urge the government to step in and put a stop to this immediately.

Stop Endangering Horseshoe Crabs With Pharmaceutical Testing

The horseshoe crab population is at risk because Maryland-based pharmaceutical company US Pharmacopeia refuses to stop testing shots and infusions on the species’ blood. Animal testing is one of the most unethical practices in existence, and big pharma has been slow in phasing it out. Demand US Pharmacopeia change their decision and use a synthetic material immediately, to protect horseshoe crabs from extinction.

Punish Mother Whose Alleged Neglect Resulted in Death of Two Toddlers

The bodies of two toddlers were discovered in a creek one week after they went missing. Their mother allegedly allowed them to wander off on their own, seemingly flat-out refusing to help authorities find them and claiming she did not care where they went; she has been charged with criminal neglect. See that this woman is harshly punished for this alleged murder by inaction.

Justice For Black Transgender Man Killed By Police

Tony McDade, a transgender man of color, was shot to death by the police for allegedly stabbing another man. Regardless of McDade’s alleged actions, killing him with no due process was the absolute worst response. Demand the officer who shot McDade be punished severely.

Stop Hunting Endangered Shorebirds on Migration

Thousands of migrating shorebirds are being shot down by hunters in China each season, not only ending their lives, but interrupting their breeding patterns. This could lead to many extinctions, especially as two of the species being targeted are critically endangered. Urge the Chinese government to put a stop to this hunting immediately.

Release Detainees From Overcrowded Detention Centers Vulnerable to Coronavirus

Thousands of detainees in Eritrea have no access to showers, clean water, toilets, decent food, and health care, and they are crammed together in overcrowded detention centers. This puts them at serious risk of contracting the coronavirus, which thrives in crowded, dirty spaces. Demand Eritrea’s government free these people now, to protect them from the disease.

Cancel Proposed Mine That Poisons Brown Bears and Threatens Their Food Supply

Alaska’s brown bear population could be wiped out by a controversial proposed gold and copper mine. This mine would destroy thousands of acres of land and streams, exposing the bears to massive amounts of pollution and robbing them of their food supply. Urge the company behind this project to cancel it immediately.

Stop Keeping Puppies in Squalor and Filth to Raise “Purebred” Dogs

Puppy mills are factories where the animals are treated as objects instead of the living things that they are and millions of dogs and puppies suffering from the ill effects of this. Sign this petition to urge the American Kennel Club to stop supporting these places.

Provide Funding for Struggling Globe Theater During Coronavirus Lockdown

London’s Globe Theater may be on the verge of shutting down forever due to decreased income, thanks to the stay-at-home regulations during the coronavirus outbreak. Venues such as this theater are not eligible for government emergency funding, but they are more important than people realize. Sign this petition to protect a big part of London’s rich cultural landscape.

Stop Sending Refugees Back to Dangerous Conditions Due to Coronavirus Fears

Over 20,000 migrants and refugees have been turned away from the United States recently, using the coronavirus as an excuse. This attempt to satisfy President Trump’s anti-immigration agenda redirects many refugees back to life-threatening circumstances in their homelands or to crowded camps where they are more likely to be infected and infect others. Demand the country be sympathetic and accepting of refugees fleeing persecution and violence.


Success: Government Commits Millions to Bushfire-Affected Wildlife

Australia’s government has committed to spending millions of dollars to aid in the protection of wildlife affected by recent bushfires. This is a huge step forward for the overall continent, which has a poor track record in handling wildlife crises due to climate change and the logging industry. Sign this petition to thank the government for taking this important step.

Stop Censorship of Independent TV Network for Reporting on COVID-19

The National Telecommunications Commission of the Philippines is threatening an important major TV network with censorship for providing accurate information about the coronavirus. This is extremely dangerous, encouraging ignorance during a time where we need facts the most. Demand the commission stop their attacks on the network immediately.

Protect Women and Girls From Domestic Violence During Lockdown

Instances of domestic violence have doubled since the onset of the lockdown, and Hungary has refused to instill legal protections for these vulnerable victims. The Istanbul convention could save millions of women and girls across the country from domestic violence, but it’s been rejected by Hungary’s Parliament. They are shutting down all social concerns about their decision as “political whining.” Demand Hungary reverse their decision and take the protection of domestic violence victims seriously.

Don’t Let Coronavirus Wipe Out Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas could be driven to the brink of extinction once again by the coronavirus, after decades of conservationists’ hard work to protect and preserve the species. The gorillas are not only vulnerable to the disease, but a lack of eco-tourism due to social distancing could lead to poachers hunting them for money again. Urge African governments to prevent the loss of these gorillas.

Stop Punishment of Journalists for Telling the Truth About Coronavirus

India is punishing journalists who spread accurate facts about the coronavirus, all to cover their poor decisions and lack of actions during the crisis and keep the public ignorant. This is not only unacceptable, but it is extremely dangerous. Urge India’s government to stop penalizing journalists for telling the truth.

Shut Down Underground Wildlife Markets To Prevent Future Pandemics

The wildlife trade in China, which caused the spread of coronavirus to humans, was publicly shut down but continues to operate underground. Urge China’s government to end this cruel and dangerous trade immediately.

Success: Wild Wolf Populations Return to the Forests of Belgium After Near Extinction

Wolves are returning to the wild in Belgium, heralded by the arrival of four adults and the pregnancy of a female wolf who found a mate recently. Sign this petition to thank the Flemish environmental minister for helping to protect the returning wolves.

Stop Beating and Threatening People for Seeking Out Food

People who are simply out shopping for food are being beaten and attacked by police in Zambia. Coronavirus lockdowns should not be an excuse for such brutality. Sign the petition to demand an immediate stop to this disturbing trend.

Keep Sexual Health Services Available During Coronavirus Pandemic

South Africa is one of several countries limiting or blocking access to sexual health services during the coronavirus crisis. This is extremely dangerous, as the inability to access safe abortions and contraceptives has caused spikes in maternal deaths and teen pregnancy in the past during other health scares. Urge the South African government not to let history repeat itself, and to ensure the safety of girls and women.

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