Success: National Parks Receive Needed Funding for Conservation Efforts

Target: Cory Gardner, Senator of Colorado and Sponsor of the Great Outdoors Act

Goal: Thank the Senate for allotting funding to protect and preserve public lands.

Recently, the Senate passed the Great Outdoors Act, a proposed bill that will allot over 18 million dollars total to the Land and Water conservation fund and the national park system’s maintenance backlog. The bill passed with a whopping 73-25 votes.

For decades, the national park system has been sadly underfunded. Parks have needed over a billion dollars worth of repairs to various structures and amenities, only for the country to focus more on funding for business and industry. Protected areas have been threatened by hunters and oil companies that would put many species of wildlife at risk, especially since President Trump assumed office and began to push his anti-environmental agenda. Petitions such as this one have circulated, demanding senators vote “yes” on the Great Outdoors Act to put a stop to this.

National parks are incredibly important to this country, providing miles of beautiful and unspoiled nature in an age overcrowded by industry. Thanks to the GOA, they will remain funded and protected for years to come. Sign this petition to thank the Senate for passing the bill.


Dear Senator Gardener,

The recent passing of the Great Outdoors Act is deeply appreciated. Not only does it show that this country is making an effort to fight for the environment in the President Trump era, but for such an important bill to pass during the coronavirus crisis is a triumph; the Senate has put many bills on hold due to the health crisis in this country.

The Great Outdoors Act will be a huge boon for the long-suffering and underfunded national park system. For years, the system has been ignored in favor of industry and business. The parks have been threatened by hunters and oil companies looking to buy the land for their own selfish use. National parks are important to the United States, and we thank you for helping to preserve them.


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Photo Credit: National Parks Service

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