Success: LGBT Workers Legally Protected From Discrimination

Target: Nancy Pelosi, United States Speaker of the House

Goal: Praise House Democrats for helping to make LGBT rights in the workplace possible.

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of workplace protection for LGBT people, making it illegal for businesses and workplaces to fire employees or deny employment to applicants based on their sexual or gender identity. This decision, cemented by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, was supported by Democrats in the House of Representatives, but until now progress had been blocked by the Republican Senate.

Even with LGBT rights growing and changing over the years, businesses and employers were still permitted to discriminate against people based on religion or personal discomfort with the LGBT community. Transgender people have been fired for coming to work as the gender they identify with rather than the one they were assigned at birth. Petitions such as this one have circulated demanding this change, and the demand will finally be met.

This is a huge step forward for LGBT rights. Sign this petition to thank Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats for helping us fight this battle.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

LGBT workers have finally been granted the legal rights they deserve but have been denied for decades. Too many gay, lesbian, and transgender people have been fired from their jobs or denied employment based on their sexual or gender orientation. For too long, the country has put the rights of companies and employers to their unfair prejudices above the feelings of LGBT people.

The Supreme Court has finally put an end to this, and it is because you and the house Democrats helped push for it. Thank you for helping LGBT workers fight for their rights, and for helping to ensure that the days of prejudice based on sexual and gender orientation will soon be behind us.


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Photo Credit: Monica Roybal


  1. Karen Redd says:

    This sucks like a MF.

  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    Equal rights are human rights! This is long overdue.

  3. Jose Espino says:

    I’ve been trying to get my two roosters to lay an egg and so far nothing’s happen. Do you think I should ask Pelosi what the problem is? Or maybe her wife knows?

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