Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

I'm a published writer with one book under her belt and more in progress. I'm a strong advocate for the rights and well-being of people and animals alike, including but not limited to volunteering at an animal shelter.

Stop Censorship of Independent TV Network for Reporting on COVID-19

The National Telecommunications Commission of the Philippines is threatening an important major TV network with censorship for providing accurate information about the coronavirus. This is extremely dangerous, encouraging ignorance during a time where we need facts the most. Demand the commission stop their attacks on the network immediately.

Protect Women and Girls From Domestic Violence During Lockdown

Instances of domestic violence have doubled since the onset of the lockdown, and Hungary has refused to instill legal protections for these vulnerable victims. The Istanbul convention could save millions of women and girls across the country from domestic violence, but it’s been rejected by Hungary’s Parliament. They are shutting down all social concerns about their decision as “political whining.” Demand Hungary reverse their decision and take the protection of domestic violence victims seriously.

Don’t Let Coronavirus Wipe Out Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas could be driven to the brink of extinction once again by the coronavirus, after decades of conservationists’ hard work to protect and preserve the species. The gorillas are not only vulnerable to the disease, but a lack of eco-tourism due to social distancing could lead to poachers hunting them for money again. Urge African governments to prevent the loss of these gorillas.

Stop Punishment of Journalists for Telling the Truth About Coronavirus

India is punishing journalists who spread accurate facts about the coronavirus, all to cover their poor decisions and lack of actions during the crisis and keep the public ignorant. This is not only unacceptable, but it is extremely dangerous. Urge India’s government to stop penalizing journalists for telling the truth.

Shut Down Underground Wildlife Markets To Prevent Future Pandemics

The wildlife trade in China, which caused the spread of coronavirus to humans, was publicly shut down but continues to operate underground. Urge China’s government to end this cruel and dangerous trade immediately.

Success: Wild Wolf Populations Return to the Forests of Belgium After Near Extinction

Wolves are returning to the wild in Belgium, heralded by the arrival of four adults and the pregnancy of a female wolf who found a mate recently. Sign this petition to thank the Flemish environmental minister for helping to protect the returning wolves.

Stop Beating and Threatening People for Seeking Out Food

People who are simply out shopping for food are being beaten and attacked by police in Zambia. Coronavirus lockdowns should not be an excuse for such brutality. Sign the petition to demand an immediate stop to this disturbing trend.

Keep Sexual Health Services Available During Coronavirus Pandemic

South Africa is one of several countries limiting or blocking access to sexual health services during the coronavirus crisis. This is extremely dangerous, as the inability to access safe abortions and contraceptives has caused spikes in maternal deaths and teen pregnancy in the past during other health scares. Urge the South African government not to let history repeat itself, and to ensure the safety of girls and women.

Justice For Slaughtered Greylag Geese

Roughly 60 greylag geese were slaughtered by the English Football Association. This is just another example of the United Kingdom’s habit of resorting to culls much too quickly. Demand the UK revoke all goose-shooting licenses immediately.

Keep Protecting Turtles After Lockdown Ends

Sea turtles are thriving on empty beaches due to the coronavirus lockdown. However, the lockdown will not last forever, and we must not get complacent. Urge Florida’s government to keep the sea turtle populations safe and thriving even when humans return to the beaches.

Justice For Migrant Workers Expelled With No Explanation

Dozens of migrant workers in Qatar were deceived by the authorities and told they were being rounded up for coronavirus testing, only to be crammed into detention centers before being expelled from the country. The government is using the coronavirus as an excuse to be cruel to innocent people. Demand justice for these workers.

Don’t Use Coronavirus Panic to Ban Abortion and Criminalize Sex Education

Poland’s parliament plans to use the coronavirus crisis to push draconian, regressive sexuality laws: one to ban sexual education for young people and criminalize homosexuality, and another to ban abortion outright. It is extremely dangerous and immoral to not only doom the country to ignorance, but also to use a global pandemic as a means of pushing their agenda. Urge the Polish parliament to reject these laws outright, and as soon as possible.

Stop Cruise Ships From Disrupting Seal Mating Habits

The mating habits of harbor seals around Alaska’s Glacier Bay are being disrupted by cruise ships, whose noises drown out even the loudest seal mating calls. This is extremely dangerous; seals have already suffered through climate change and the ongoing sport of seal clubbing. If they cannot successfully mate, their numbers are doomed. Sign this petition to urge the government to redirect cruise ship routes and keep them away from seal habitats.

Help New York Treat Biggest Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S.

New York has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus, yet is receiving only a fraction of the relief funds other states with fewer cases are. This is thanks to an unfair and nonsensical pay scale that works off of Medicare payments, rather than the number of coronavirus cases per state. Urge the government to overhaul this system immediately to ensure patients get the care they need and deserve.

Catholic Church - Bicanksi

Keep Catholic Cardinal Accused of Sex Abuse in Jail

Cardinal George Pell is about to be released from prison after only a year of his six-year sentence, as Australia’s courts have dismissed his conviction of sexual abuse towards minors. This is unacceptable, as it sends a message to victims that their abusers will always be pardoned at the expense of their feelings and the trauma they have suffered. Urge the courts to keep this man in jail where he belongs.

Protect Elderly Refugees From Coronavirus

Bangladesh’s government has failed to provide adequate information about COVID-19 in addition to leaving behind hundreds of elderly refugees in overcrowded, poor-quality camps. The elderly are especially vulnerable to the virus, and this is not the first time refugee camps in Bangladesh have failed their older residents. Demand the government step up protection for older people and provide better information about COVID-19.

Stop Exploitation of Big Cats for Wildlife Selfies

Big cats across the United States are being exploited by owners who are ill-equipped to properly care for them. Tigers, lions, and other big cats are kept in deplorable, cramped conditions while people invade their space and take selfies with them. This is incredibly dangerous to both the animals and the humans. Sign this petition to outlaw the keeping of big cats by civilians and non-wildlife businesses.

Success: Pregnant Girls No Longer Banned From Schools

Sierra Leone has lifted a years-long ban on pregnant girls coming to school. This law was just one of many harsh cruelties faced by young girls in African countries, a reminder that society and the law see them as lesser people than boys and men and denying them even basic human rights. Once the COVID-19 crisis is over, however, this will no longer be the case. Thank the Sierra Leone school system for lifting this unfair ban.

Don’t Suspend Environmental Protection Laws During COVID-19 Crisis

The EPA and the Trump administration have announced plans to gut United States environmental laws, using the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse. Not only is this an incredibly selfish move on Trump’s part, but we cannot afford to lose any environmental protection during a time when many people need clean air and water to survive and stay healthy. Demand that Trump do what’s necessary to keep the environmental laws in place.

Protect Refugees From Overcrowded Camps That Spread Coronavirus

Bosnia’s government is forcing migrant refugees to stay in low-quality camps, which not only provide little in the way of supplies or clean water, but are a COVID-19 disaster waiting to happen. COVID-19 spreads easily through prolonged contact, which is why many countries have discouraged or outright banned big social gatherings or situations. Tell the Bosnian government not to put these people’s health at risk through such a situation.

Save African Manatees from Extinction

African manatees are severely endangered due to Nigeria’s lax animal protection laws, with hunters earning thousands of dollars to kill these beautiful creatures. The manatee trade started decades ago, based on myths and lies about manatees being dangerous in order to justify killing them. Demand the Nigerian government put a stop to this trade immediately.

Urge State to Officially Ban Fur Sales

The fur industry kills millions of animals per year, with over 100 dying to make a single coat alone. There is no reason to rely on fur for warmth and fashion any longer. New York has yet to move forward with a 2019 proposal to ban the sale of fur. Sign this petition to demand New York push through with its plans for and finalize a fur ban.

Support Single-Use Plastic Ban

Plastic pollution that chokes birds and harms marine life could soon be banned in Wales. Should the proposals go through, Wales will be among the latest countries to take an important step towards ending plastic pollution for good. Sign this petition to urge the UK government to support these plans.

Save Seals From Habitat Loss

Harp seals are at risk for population loss as their habitat is melted by global warming. As the ice floes of Canada disappear, the seals will be forced to move further up north, putting the lives of their pups at risk with the unfamiliarity. We must prevent this species from future disappearance. Sign this petition to demand Canada protect its ice floes and help this species.

Ban Inhumane Contest That Kills Hundreds of Wild Animals for a Prize

Wildlife killing contests rob hundreds of animals of their lives every year, all for the sake of participants winning big cash prizes. There is simply no excuse for such cruelty. Maryland is considering banning wildlife killing contests due to pressure from environmental and animal activist groups. Urge immediate action and support for this proposed ban.

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