Success: Fracking Moratorium Put in Place

Target: Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry, Leaders of the Green Party of England and Wales

Goal: Praise UK government for temporarily ending fracking.

Fracking is officially over in the United Kingdom at least for the time being, as the government recently announced they would be halting all operations with immediate effect.

This is the victory the anti-fracking industry has been fighting for over the last several years. Fracking operations have ruined green spaces, forced people out of their homes, endangered many species of wildlife. The fumes from the gases released have fouled the already heavily polluted air. Petitions such as this one have circulated, demanding these operations stop. Finally, the government has conceded that the practice is both dangerous and financially unsound.

Activists have worked long and hard to ensure this victory, and the government has finally given in. Sign this petition to thank the anti-fracking movement for never giving up, and for making this possible.


Dear Councillors Bartley and Berry,

Your efforts to stop fracking in the UK have finally prevailed. Since 2012, this dangerous and controversial practice has been destroying the environment and making life much more difficult and dangerous in general. Unspoiled green spaces and small villages have been threatened by the operations, while the gases released only added to the existing air pollution problems countrywide.

Finally, it is over. While the damage will take time to repair, you have helped make this important step possible. Fracking is not only dangerous, it is not financially viable, and the industry has kept pushing against all efforts to stop it no matter how strong the evidence. Thank you for finally putting an end to fracking.


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Photo Credit: Kate Ausburn

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