Articles written by: Carey Jameson

Prevent Off-Shore Wind Turbines From Destroying Fishing Industry

Off-shore wind turbines have serious potential to disrupt the local fishing industry, putting legacy fisherman at risk. Demand these turbines undergo strict review to ensure that workers don’t lose their livelihoods in the name of preserving the environment.

Don’t Prioritize Cheap Cocoa Over Human Rights

The Mars Cocoa company seemingly continues to support underpaid and child labor in overseas production of their cocoa. Demand the organization act now to use support human rights as well as encourage other national brands to do the same.

Stop Endangering and Exploiting Workers at Lululemon Factories

Workers at Lululemon factories reportedly face physical harassment, verbal abuse, and grueling long hours. Urge this company to use its role as a leader in the fashion industry to set a better example.

Stop Restricting Use of Public Beaches That Boost Morale and Tourism

Maine’s coastline is a beautiful resource that should be accessible to all residents. However, the state has closed off many of its public areas, negatively affecting both tourism and local morale. Support access to public beaches.

Combat the Scourge of Litter and Plastic Waste

Bottle litter plagues the landscapes and waterways of Virginia. Support a container deposit system to curb plastic waste and protect natural ecosystems.

Stop Allowing School Cafeterias to Throw Away Fresh Food

Hundreds of thousands of tons of usable food are thrown away each year in the United States, while millions of people go hungry. Support reducing food waste at schools to help people and the planet.

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