Success: Organization Reboots Aid for Ethiopian Children

Target: Samantha Power, Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Goal: Thank Samantha Powers, USAID administrator, for helping to feed millions of starving Ethiopians.

Ethiopians are in trouble. Civil wars disrupt life with conflicts making food production and distribution close to impossible. Farmers cease their work, and shopkeepers hide out in fear of being a victim of the violence. To make matters worse, droughts have stalled potential efforts of food production in the country. Children are most vulnerable; tens of thousands of their lives have been lost. The tragic situation was explained further in this ForceChange petition.

The US government agency called USAID is an organization which has been a long supporter of providing stability to Ethiopia through offers of food and other resources. Because of the conflicts there, however, efforts stalled with aid gradually dwindling. Thankfully, though, USAID recently pledged to once again take on the health and welfare of Ethiopians. Veterinary care for cows is bringing back milk production, and the delegation team is visiting the country to evaluate how other nutrition efforts underway are helping people there.

Please sign the petition below to thank Administrator Power for helping people, especially children, from being wiped out in Ethiopia.


Dear Administrator Powers,

USAID has been a longtime advocate for the people of Ethiopia. Your relationship spans decades, so it came as some surprise when support was dialed back in response to the conflicts there. Of course human rights supporters were thrilled to hear about your recent pledge to help them recover from war and drought and give Ethiopians the gift of life once again. Enabling them to return to their farms and begin producing their own food as well seems to be exactly what they are looking for, and USAID has delivered.

While a good deal of the recent work has been around Somalia, the public hope more aid can push to Tigray, especially in light of recent peace talks regarding the civil war there. There is a good deal of confidence USAID will be one of the key organizations to set Ethiopia as a whole up for success and grant them the ability for each region to support others as a stable and unified country.

Thank you for your continuing food and nutrition support of Ethiopia and saving thousands of children from starving.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: USAID Africa Bureau

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