Stop Neglecting Health of Detained Migrants

Target: Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister (PM) of the United Kingdom

Goal: Improve efforts to monitor health of migrants coming into and detained in the UK.

It is no secret that poor conditions for migrants being held in government detention centers is standard for many countries. The UK is reportedly no different, especially at its Manston migrant center. Recently, a man who arrived on a boat to seek asylum died after apparently “becoming unwell” in the custody of the UK government. No cause of death was given though a statement was made saying the death was not caused by infectious disease.

That is difficult to believe, especially with Manston’s reported record for infectious diseases. Diphtheria and scabies are just a few of the cases apparently rampant around the detention center. Many of the migrants come across the English Channel and bring with them whatever ailments are picked up along the way. In a facility built for housing 1600 people but seemingly packed with 4000, infections are quick to spread. Intakes are given identification and security checks, but medical exams are allegedly not a priority. It is time to break this cycle.

The UK, in addition to other governments with the same issue, seemingly needs to realize that detaining migrants means the government is then in charge of their wellbeing. Taking human rights seriously means affording this right to all humans. Sign the petition below to urge PM Sunak to more closely monitor health of migrants when detained in government facilities.


Dear Prime Minster Sunak,

Congratulations on your recent appointment as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The role inevitably will be trying but also come with uplifting successes during your tenure. One victory needed now is revising health protocols for migrant detention centers in your country, namely the Manston location. The recent death of a detainee there seemingly illustrates egregious mistreatment of him and others.

This incident is not the first and may not be the last if current conditions are allowed to continue. Reports of diseases in detention centers such as Manston is a common story and on the public’s radar, especially after the investigation following the recent detainee’s death. When you consider how greatly these locations are reportedly operating over capacity, the chance of spreading illness is exponential.

Health of incoming and resident detainees needs to be taken more seriously. Migrants being processed into the centers should have a thorough medical examination in addition to the standard security and identification checks. Those already detained should be monitored for symptoms including encuoraging these individuals to come forward if they are feeling ill.

We urge you to stop allegedly neglecting the health of migrant detainees and extend them the same human rights expected for all in the UK.


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Photo credit: Jackie Speier


  1. Immigrants in your care need just that, care! The country holding these folks must take their heath into consideration. They have no way to help themselves. Immigrants are people too! There is no excuse nor reason for turning away from those who find themselves at the mercy, or lack of same, of the government in a foreign country. We are supposed to be humane and not inhuman thugs.

  2. Reportedly neglecting? BOLLOCKS!

    No one asked these ILLEGAL migrants to come to our country!

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