Force Powerful Chemical Companies to Protect Public Health

Target: Michael F. Roman, CEO of 3M

Goal: Urge 3M to contribute towards cleanup of their reported damage to vital waterways.

The presence of manmade chemicals in waterways is an issue that has been gaining steam over the years. These compounds leech from factories and discarded consumer goods and can remain in the environment for hundreds of years. Nowadays, they have found their way into many municipal drinking water systems. Chemical companies that create compounds such as water repellants, nonstick frying pan coatings, and cleaning sprays, among others, have reportedly been complicit in this issue but have been wary of taking responsibility. One company seemingly responsible is 3M.

For decades, 3M has manufactured chemicals providing function to many everyday items. Eventually, scientists discovered these chemicals to have devastating effects on humans by entering and remaining in their bloodstreams. Despite knowledge of the implications, companies like 3M have seemingly continued production and allowed manufacturing to release byproducts into nature. They also have reportedly been silent about potential for used products containing the chemicals to leech it into ground and, eventually, drinking water once discarded.

3M includes a boilerplate “Ethics & Compliance” statement on their website, but it seemingly avoids culpability and transparency on this or any specific issue. One would hope the company, which has reportedly admitted to the harm of these chemicals, would take a more aggressive stance on addressing future issues they may cause. Sign the petition below to urge 3M CEO Michael Roman to tackle problems apparently caused by their manufactured chemicals to undo mounting damage to the environment and human lives.


Dear CEO Roman,

3M has been a lead innovator in the world, producing products most households could not imagine living without. You have set the stage for others to follow suit and continue changing lives with new and improved products. However, some of your products are reportedly creating new problems as they solve others. Chemicals, namely, polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), are a major issue that needs to be addressed sooner than later.

These chemicals are seemingly being emitted from manufacturing and leech into the ground after being discarded. They find their way into waterways and, most recently, are being discovered in drinking water. While all consequences of ingesting these chemicals are unknown, we do know they last a very long time in a person’s bloodstream and can lead to cancer and developmental defects. Action is needed now to address these concerns.

Your reported admittance to the harmful effects of your chemicals is a good first step. Addressing an interest in solving problems seemingly resulting from 3M products is also positive. Your website’s “Ethics & Compliance” statement gives the impression your company at least has a willingness to step up for this issue. Nonetheless, you are more equipped than any to remove 3M’s harmful chemicals from where they do not belong, and the time is now.

We urge you to as a powerful chemical company to not make people sick domestically and around the world.


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  1. Companies such as 3M need to clean up the water ways and everything else they ignore and leave to tax payer money to clean up while they make billions killing us and the earth. These people have no mercy and lack common sense but they are excellent in making money by being part of the Poison Cartel. Monsanto Bayer along with all other chemical companies are polluting our food, insects, bees, wildlife, animals, soil, air and water. Have they missed any area where they could injure us more for money? There is no limit to their excuses, dark money, selection of candidates who will support them for money. Mc Connell? So many of our politicians are wrapped up with these companies. Like plastics these pollutants are in our food, baby food, even in medication. Do they care? Guess not. We were supposed to be rid of Round Up in 2023 but now the EPA is granting another 15 years of use! Nothing will be living in 15 years. Nature works by having everything connected to everything else. Insects to pollinate, to feed birds and wildlife. The insect feeds the mammals, bigger animals feed even bigger animals and on and on it goes until it feeds us! One of every three bites of food we eat is thanks to bees. Is anyone doing anything to protect them? No. People are doing something but politics gets in the way, politicians get in the way, world governments get in the way. When then will someone help who is in the position to really help? The 12th of never? Will the people of the world have to rise up against governments order to finally do something? Time will tell.

    • Evan Jane Kriss says:

      Exactly. Perfectly said.

    • I was going to comment, but you have covered every aspect in my thoughts. The only way to get rid of all these hazardous chemicals, is to stop using them! Put the companies out of business!

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