Support Pregnant Women’s Right to Healthcare

Target: Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia

Goal: Return to Georgia’s law allowing abortions after six weeks.

Georgia is a state divided on abortion rights. Religious beliefs and tradition often clash with the politics of those who support pregnant women having a choice. Traditionally, the state’s politicians have favored strict abortion regulation, though these policies more recently have been challenged. The result is a battle between legal experts on the future of abortion rights in Georgia.

Georgia enacted a ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy in 2019, but the law was challenged due to its violation of individual privacy in healthcare. In light of the overturning of Roe v. Wade of 2022, the ban was reinstated. However, in the middle of November of this year, a Superior Court judge in Georgia once again determined the rule to be unconstitutional. The back and forth reasonably left those seeking abortions dizzy from understanding what their rights were in the state and if they should go through the arduous process of seeking care outside of Georgia.

Things got even more confusing later, in November 2022, when Georgia’s Supreme Court once again instated the six week abortion ban. Proponents of women’s right to choose were appalled the court would make a decision so quickly after the legitimate legal move barring the ban from state law. Doctors with pending abortions had to weigh their choice to honor previously booked patients or risk their licenses; patients had to find out of they could still get the procedure locally or had to look elsewhere.

Sign the petition below to urge Georgia governor Brian Kemp to stop playing with women’s health and honor the original court ruling prohibiting the ban on abortion after six weeks.


Dear Governor Kemp,

Disagreements in politics are completely understandable. The foundation of the United States allows individuals to rightfully disagree on topics, even if they may strongly divide us. The courts, nonetheless, should stand for the integrity behind these rights and uphold decisions made within themselves. If these entities cannot honor these legitimate decisions, how can the people trust them to uphold the law and the best interests of the people?

The fight concerning a six week abortion ban in Georgia has shifted from legal steadfastness to a theatrical drama. Judges and other legal experts fighting each other over your state’s abortion policy illustrates the chaos resulting from a clash between personal opinion and the law. The courts determined in 2019 the abortion ban after six weeks is unconstitutional, yet this was fought by others who presumably have an equal grasp of legality in the matter. With the ban being found, once again in November 2022, to be legally unsound but then immediately contradicted by other legislatures, it appears Georgia has lost sight of what ultimately is important: the people.

This back-and-forth in your state is too much. Of course those in the legal system are going to have disagreements, but to continuously allow a legal line to be established and shortly thereafter moved sends the message that pride in winning is more important than acknowledging the legitimacy of initial court rulings. These laws are about freedom of choice and women’s health, not a feather in the caps of lawmakers.

We urge you to stop playing with women’s health and honor the initial ruling that a ban on abortion after six weeks is a violation of privacy and unconstitutional.


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  1. Manitou Calmstorm says:

    Pregnant women have health care.

    Now. Are you actually talking about the right to commit murder by killing that unborn child? Because if you are, the answer there is absolutely not!

    Life is sacred, a gift from God that we are not allowed to take lightly. If you do not want that child keep your whore legs closed.

    Rape or incest? Answer is : ADOPTION OVER ABORTION!

    Abortion is NOT a right, it’s a decision to commit murder. End of that statement

    All you who side with abortion will stand judged by God as murderers.

  2. You are allowed your opinion. I respect your thoughts. I don’t believe abortion is murder. Rape and incest are life long tortures as well. Abortion isn’t a game but it does support the health of mother and also child. Some pregnancies terminate as the body receives the fetus isn’t healthy. The body aborts by itself. Butther mother in such an instance needs medical help. She can die of rupture, bleeding, and shock. She needs to have an abortion to live. If she hastier children she should live to raise them. Abortion is not birth control. Family planning is a choice as there are 8 billion humans now on the planet. How are we all going to eat? What habitats will we raid and ruin? What animals will be murdered for us to have even more us? The world can not raise enough meat for all of us There is little room for humans, plants or animals any more. War is rampant with bombs killing the old, mothers, babies, and without mercy. It seems to me every religion says much the same thing: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The rest is fluff. If we put ourselves in the shoes of others we would see we condemn too much and too often yet without knowing how we effect others.
    I wish we could end the shootings, the abuse of animals and humans, the greed, the dark money in politics, the condemnation of others due to their not thinking in agreement with us or being different than us, looking and acting differently than we feel they should. Maybe one day we can keep our values and let others have theirs. When we can not condemn but accept with grace, then maybe we will live in peace.

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