Articles written by: Carey Jameson

Ban the Reported Use of Slave Labor in Building Sports Infrastructure

Qatar, the host of World Cup 2022, has been accused of using desperate migrants to construct eight stadiums and tailor the surrounding area for the tournament. It is inhumane to take advantage of struggling people in great need of work. Demand a ban on this apparent use of slave labor to build infrastructure.

End Reported Racial Discrimination of Job Seekers

Racial bias has cost some job seekers to lose opportunities when hiring teams seemingly used racial identity to alienate certain candidates. Demand racial identification questions be removed from job applications to end this apparent discrimination.

Stop Stealing What Is Left of Native Land

Native American land is being taken over by the federal government. Additionally, land still owned by tribes often comes with heavy restrictions for use of natural resources, something quintessential to native cultures. Demand the Bureau of Land Management lift restrictions, return property to its rightful owners, and stop stealing from those who were there first.

Stop Thousands of Children From Starving to Death Due to Civil War

Tens of thousands of children and other innocent people are dying from a lack of food due to Ethiopia’s civil war. We must take action to save these innocent people from death and suffering.

Stop Loading Landfills With a Scary Amount of Halloween Waste

The aftermath of Halloween comes in the form of tons of discarded pumpkins and candy wrappers, almost all of which end up in landfills. Fortunately, there is a chance at a new life for these items through compost and recycling. Demand easy access to viable recycling programs in all communities.

Stop Stealing Animals From the Wild for Zoos

Imagine running free in the wild, when all of a sudden you are captured and thrown in an enclosure for humans to stare at you. This is the fate of countless zoo animals. Demand a more humane approach from zoos.

End Litter’s Disproportionate Impact on Low-Income Communities

Litter pollutes the environment and negatively impacts quality of life in cities. This problem disproportionately affects low-income communities, who have fewer waste disposal options. Call for a more equitable distribution of urban trashcans.

Grant Financial Support to a Country Recovering From Tyranny and Famine

Venezuela has been hit hard by poor leadership and the effects of sanctions against corrupt leaders. Their recent changes towards a more stable government and the need to regrow the economy is an opportunity to mend a broken partnership. Demand America take action now to reestablish a working relationship with Venezuela that includes increased humanitarian aid.

Stop Poisoning Waterways With Factory Farm Waste

The country’s waterways are under threat from manure created by the hundreds of thousands of chickens at Tyson Foods’ partnering farms. This pollution disrupts the food chain and can cause both humans and animals to become sick or even die. Tell Tyson to act now and hold all farms it works with accountable.

Stop Charging More to Dairy-Free Customers at Coffee Shops

Some people prefer non-dairy milk in their coffee drinks and others may require it because of medical dietary restrictions. However, this often-necessary modification costs the consumer more money at Dunkin’ coffee shops. Demand Dunkin’ support consumers’ needs and stop charging more for non-dairy milk.

Make Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Solar Powered

Electric vehicles are much better for the climate than conventional cars, but to be truly sustainable they must be powered by renewables. Call for a network of solar charging stations.

Plant More Shade Trees in Low Income Neighborhoods

Low income neighborhoods in cities are often overlooked when municipalities plant shade trees. Larger trees improve quality of life by cooling the air with their shade and creating more scenic streets. Ensure residents of low income areas have access to the benefits of trees.

Make Reliable Public Transportation a Priority

The U.S. needs to invest more into public transportation. With traffic clogging our highways and emissions from cars adding to climate change, accessible transit can address two problems at once. Help make public transit a focus for the U. S. Department of Transportation.

Stop Fishing Industry From Wiping Out Ocean Life

Life in our oceans is dying out. We must stop the greedy over-fishing now.

Save Bees By Planting Flowers in Cities and Towns

Bees are at a risk of endangerment and extinction worldwide. Overdevelopment of land in New Jersey, where they once thrived, has eliminated resources bees rely on to live and reproduce. Demand the state act now to prevent wild bee populations from becoming extinct.

Replace High Fructose Corn Syrup With Cane Sugar in Pepsi-Cola Products

High-fructose corn syrup is known to cause a number of health issues, more-so than regular sugar. Pepsi-Cola briefly experimented with using real sugar in Pepsi and was met with success. Demand this influential brand embrace this healthier alternative.

Stop Ripping Feathers Out of Live Birds to Make Down Jackets

Ducks and geese endure agony as their feathers are ripped off to make “real down” for high-end winter wear. Tell global luxury brand Canada Goose to commit to using only recycled down.

Stop Inhumane and Environmentally Destructive Livestock Ranching

Cattle held on ranches not only are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, but they often are forced to live short and painful lives. Demand a stop to this inhumane and environmentally destructive business.

Prioritize Room for People, Not Cars

There is a severe housing shortage in cities like Philadelphia and cars are part of the problem. Urge leaders to prioritize residential housing over more parking spaces.

Reduce Food Waste By Feeding Livestock Unsellable Scraps

A massive amount of whole and partial food ends up in the landfill because people find it undesirable. Feeding these perfectly healthy scraps to livestock is one way to put this food to use. Demand leaders make moves towards zero waste.

Prevent Offshore Wind Turbines From Destroying Fishing Industry

Offshore wind turbines have serious potential to disrupt the local fishing industry, putting legacy fishermen at risk. Demand these turbines undergo strict review to ensure that workers don’t lose their livelihoods in the name of preserving the environment.

Don’t Prioritize Cheap Cocoa Over Human Rights

The Mars Cocoa company seemingly continues to support underpaid and child labor in overseas production of their cocoa. Demand the organization act now to use support human rights as well as encourage other national brands to do the same.

Stop Endangering and Exploiting Workers at Lululemon Factories

Workers at Lululemon factories reportedly face physical harassment, verbal abuse, and grueling long hours. Urge this company to use its role as a leader in the fashion industry to set a better example.

Stop Restricting Use of Public Beaches

Maine’s coastline is a beautiful resource that should be accessible to all residents. However, the state has closed off many of its public areas, negatively affecting both tourism and local morale. Support access to public beaches.

Combat the Scourge of Litter and Plastic Waste

Bottle litter plagues the landscapes and waterways of Virginia. Support a container deposit system to curb plastic waste and protect natural ecosystems.

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