Start Paying Nations Equally for Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

Target: António Guterres, United Nations Secretary General

Goal: Provide equal compensation to nations that help offset emissions.

Sometimes it feels as if the world’s top polluters have an unspoken free pass to continue pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Fortunately, positive players around the world give carbon producers an option for reducing their damaging footprint. “Carbon trading” is a process in which polluters can buy into programs where organizations offset emissions with efforts such as tree planting.

Africa is a key continent participating in carbon trading. Their prominence in the field comes from easy access and less strict regulations for ways to offset greenhouse gasses as well as offering the service at a competitive rate. The latter illustrates a desperate need for income in developing areas struggling to purchase necessary resources. Nonetheless, residents have taken notice of their rise in carbon trading and now are requesting equal financial compensation when compared to others in the business. United Nation (UN) talks in Egypt are underway to negotiate Africa’s opportunity for growth in supporting greenhouse gas reduction.

It also is important to support Africa in this endeavor because it allows them to obtain their own financial dependence in addition to carbon reduction goals and working towards more clean energy. Of course carbon emission is everyone’s problem no matter where you live; the negative effects transcend national boundaries and are all the more reason those creating the problem should be called on to raise up those trying to solve it.

Sign the petition below to urge Secretary General Guterres to pay Africa equally for their efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses.


Dear Secretary General Guterres,

You and the UN have your hands full tackling climate change and coordinating with all countries in your organization. It is well known we as a planet have not made progress necessary as decided by climate experts over the decades. For that reason, it is important now more than ever to promote and support all organizations with a tried and true record in tackling greenhouse gas reduction. Africa is home to many of those organizations.

Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo already have proven themselves in carbon credit schemes industries rely on to offset their pollution. These developing regions have a massive contribution but are not compensated as much as developed regions with similar efforts. In fact, Africa is one of the few with capabilities to meet global warming temperature goals set by the Paris agreement. They simply would need $12o per ton of carbon offset, a reasonable upgrade from the current rate of $10 per ton. Other regions already earn over $100.

Greenhouse gas and its effect on the environment are global issues. Because we are well behind targets for its reduction, it is imperative to leverage those in the world who already have proven themselves in addressing the issue. Fairly compensating Africa for its efforts is not just an initiative that benefits the world from effects of climate change already in play, it gives the developing continent a chance at growth on its own terms and economic prosperity.

We urge you to act today in paying nations equally for their hard work in reducing greenhouse gasses.


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