Give Abortion Access to Immigrant Victims of Abuse

Target: Chris Magnus, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Goal: Allow abortion access to pregnant immigrant minors who were victims of abuse.

Immigrants seeking asylum across the U.S. border come looking for safety and a new life for a number of reasons. Gangs, corrupt governments, and unstable domestic situations lead tens of thousands of suffering people to risk their lives even further and travel in waves to this country. Many of these immigrants are minors who have found themselves victims of sexual abuse and ultimately end up pregnant.

The need to care for the large number of people crossing the border often leads to a lack of resources for those detained and processed upon arrival. Food, water, and shelter are scarce, which can have devastating effects on anyone, especially those who are pregnant. In most cases, pregnant minors do not feel ready for motherhood and see the opportunity for an abortion as a way towards a second chance. Factor in the tough conditions of detainment centers, and these abortions are necessary sooner than later. Changes in laws over the years have made the process for such abortions tedious; this must change.

The U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is responsible for transporting pregnant immigrant minors to states and facilities where abortions are still legal. However, the CBP has not always cooperated with the ORR in an efficient delivery of these minors to locations for safe treatment. Urge Chris Magnus, Commissioner of the CBP, to grant abortion access to immigrant victims of sexual abuse.


Dear Commissioner Magus,

There is no question you have your hands full with everything going on at the U.S. southern border. Everyone sees it and hears about the tough situation people on both sides of the border face on a daily basis. Sorting out individual cases for asylum seekers must seem like an endless and insurmountable job. There are some, however, who are in more immediate need than others, and hopefully you can help.

A large number of pregnant minors are crossing the border, often unattended by adults. They seek escape and protection from sexual abusers such as domestic partners and gangs, and corrupt governments often do not provide recourse for these individuals. Many of these minors are not prepared to have children and are desperate for access to abortion services. Will you give them a second chance?

As you know, the ORR is equipped to escort pregnant minor immigrants to abortion facilities in states where the procedure can safely and legally be performed. Unfortunately, priority shifts in the federal government across administrations have made it more difficult for the ORR to quickly and effectively carry out their duties for at-risk minors. With your help, they can continue to operate and also lighten the load for the CBP.

We urge you to act now to grant abortion access and support to immigrant minors of sexual abuse.


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Photo credit: Santa Teresa Port of Entry Primary Border Inspection Station


  1. Manitou Calmstorm says:

    Why? It’s still murder. If they don’t want the baby the word is A-DOP-TION, see? A word even your feeble minds can grasp.

    Don’t want to carry it? That’s fine, have the doctors preform a c section (not a dangerous operation unless either or both are already in peril) and incubate it. There. Now if the baby does die, YOU are not the murderer. Simple as that.


    • Evan Jane Kriss says:

      Wow! Would you feel the same if you were raped? Early termination of pregnancy is NOT murder. These people are fleeing for their lives. They don’t need the added stress of carrying and raising a bastard child they don’t want that was the result of a violent act against them, and that they can’t possibly support. Finally, if the fetus they’re carrying comes to term in the United States, it’s automatically a citizen.

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