Articles written by: Caleb Macduff

Success: Men Who Shot and Killed Ahmaud Arbery Convicted of Murder

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers have been convicted of murder, along with a series of other charges. This is a landmark case for civil rights. Thank the prosecuting attorney for her amazing work.

Save Tigers From Abusive Trade

Tigers can still be legally traded in Europe, which leads to poaching and other atrocities. Demand an end to the tiger trade.

Starving Dog Left to Die in Abandoned School Deserves Justice

A starving Pitbull was found in an empty classroom of a boarded-up school. All signs point to him being intentionally abandoned. Please, make sure that whoever did this is found so it never happens again.

Make Plastic Producers Pay to Recycle Their Environmentally Toxic Products

The oceans are drowning in plastic and will outnumber fish in less than thirty years. Most of the plastic production is caused by just twenty companies. Sign the petition to ensure they pay for the mess that they caused.

Protect Horses Reportedly Forced to Work for Hours Without Water in 90-Degree Heat

Horses and ponies were reportedly left in the heat without water for hours at a Los Angeles-based petting zoo. This is one of many allegations of neglect against this attraction. Act now to protect these animals.

Stop Climate Change-Fueled Neurotoxins From Causing Widespread Brain Damage

Climate change driven wildfires and hurricanes grow worse every year and are spewing neurotoxic particulates into the air and water. Demand action to protect the public from these deadly toxins.

Stop Polluting Waterways and Natural Areas With Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are the most common form of toxic waste, numbering in billions of pounds yearly. They endanger wildlife and cause fires. Demand immediate action to reduce this environmental poison.

Punish Financial Officer Who Allegedly Stole From Animal Shelter

A chief financial officer has been accused of stealing $300,000 from an animal shelter that was meant to be used for a new building. She is currently accused of two separate felonies and the animals in her care were reportedly neglected. Demand the prosecutor seek the maximum penalty possible if she is found guilty.

Stop Lead Lined Cans From Causing Brain Damage

Lead exposure is known to be harmful to both adults and children. It is time to ban or reduce lead content connected to food or drink. Sign the petition to call for more stringent lead safety.

Stop Confining Hens to Torturous, Tiny “Battery Cages”

The vast majority of egg-laying hens are confined to small cages with less than 67 inches of space. They suffer from illness and physical debilitation due to the inability to engage in nesting and perching. Demand that cage-free eggs become a federal mandate.

Breach Dam to Restore Fragile Wetland Ecosystem

One of the most fragile ecosystems and wetland communities, the Great Florida Riverway, is being continuously harmed by a long-standing dam. This majestic network of different rivers and springs needs our help. Act now to breach the dam and bring back the natural wetlands.

Invest in Climate Positive Farming to Reduce Harmful Pollutants

Climate change threatens to devastate farmland and agriculture, but farmers themselves can be part of the solution. Support climate-friendly growing practices now.

The Filibuster Has to Go

The filibuster is an archaic, racist rule that has held the Senate in political gridlock for far too long. Act now to ensure that the American majority’s voice is heard.

Stop Deadly Chemicals from Harming Families

Chemicals that are linked to infertility, brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease and leukemia are in products we use everyday. Tell the EPA to do its job and get these deadly chemicals out of our homes.

Ban the Use of Live Firearms on Film Sets Following Cinematographer’s Tragic Death

A cinematographer on the set of the film “Rust” was shot dead by a live gun that was supposed to be filled with blanks. Somehow, the gun fired contained a lethal amount of live ammunition, an entirely avoidable tragedy. Please, ensure that no one else dies from “prop” guns.

Eliminate Harmful Pollution From U.S Highways

Trucks and buses cause 420 million tons of pollution each year. By making the switch to clean vehicles, the U.S can eliminate over 4.7 billion tons of climate pollution and prevent thousands of deaths. Call for the switch to zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles today.

Don’t Allow College Loan Debt to Cripple Students

Student debt affects over 43 million Americans, predominantly People of Color. As tuition costs continue to skyrocket, forgiveness is increasingly urgent. Act now to grant relief to those suffering.

Stop Massive Pipeline From Devastating Streams and Wetlands

The Mountain Valley Pipeline will devastate thousands of streams and waterways in West Virginia, while leaking methane and making climate change worse. Help stop this misguided project.

Reportedly Malnourished Lions Forced to Eat Their Own Deserve Justice

Thirty lions had to be euthanized after apparently sustaining severe burns from a fire, and being unable to escape due to life-threatening malnutrition. Act now to make sure their owner is never allowed to care for animals again.

Prevent Unlawful Execution of Wrongfully Convicted Man

Julius Jones, a man convicted of murder, is scheduled for execution even though evidence suggests his innocence. Systemic failures including inadequate council and reportedly severe racial bias on the part of the jury led to what many believe to be a wrongful conviction. Please, save this innocent man from state-sanctioned murder.

Make Police Bias Transparent to Ensure Just Legal Defense

Officers who “fix” minor offenses for friends and family are routinely let off with a slap on the wrist. These infringements indicate a willingness to bend the law, and as such should be made available to defense attorneys. Sign the petition now to ensure all defendants receive a just, informed defense.

Animals Reportedly Left in Filthy Conditions at “Pet Hotel” Deserve Justice

A pet hotel is accused of animal neglect after several dogs were apparently left without food or care. A customer who monitored his pet with a camera claims she was left in feces-covered blankets. Stop this alleged abuse.

Don’t Let Bitcoin Miner Derail Climate Goals

Bitcoin mining hurts our environment with its high energy requirements and reliance on fossil fuels. One company has reopened a shuttered fossil fuel plant in New York that is now producing enough electricity to power 35,000 homes. Act now to stop harmful bitcoin mining.

Return Amazonian Lands to Indigenous People

Indigenous people fight for their rights in the heart of Brazil. They have lost their land, heritage, and culture through decades of discrimination and “integration.” Act now to compel President Bolsonaro to give them their territory back.

Empower Voters and Weaken Special Interests With Ranked-Choice Voting

Ranked-choice voting allows anyone to vote their conscience. It is a non-partisan tool that enforces true majority rule and decreases the power of the two-party system. Sign the petition now to increase your own voting power in the next election.

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