Stop Lead Lined Cans From Causing Brain Damage

Target: Janet Woodcock, FDA Commissioner

Goal: Reduce lead exposure by enacting specific changes.

Lead exposure is known to be harmful to both children and adults. In children, lead impedes brain development, leading to learning and behavioral problems. In adults, it can cause heart disease. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not banned lead from many materials– from tea and coffee equipment to food cans. The lead doesn’t just stay in those materials; it can get into food. Analyzed FDA data found lead detected in 97% of certain fruit cans, compared to just 3% of fresh or frozen varieties.

The FDA can move to reduce lead exposure by reducing lead allowed in bottled water to 1 part in a billion, banning lead in food cans, and removing lead added to the equipment used to brew or dispense liquids.

Sign the petition below to reduce the lead affecting Americans’ daily lives.


Dear Commissioner Woodcock,

 It is crucial that the FDA take immediate action to better protect everyone from the harmful effects caused by lead. 

The agency’s regulations do not prohibit lead to be added to food contact materials and it is allowed in bottled water at levels 5 times higher than the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. There are specific actions the FDA can take to reduce exposure to lead: Reduce the lead allowed in bottled water from 5 to 1 part per billion, ban lead in tin coated metal food cans, and stop adding lead to equipment used to brew tea and coffee.

The simple steps outlined in the petition to remove and reduce unnecessary sources of lead exposure would have meaningful impacts. Please, utilize the agency to continue its important work protecting our food supply by taking these steps and strengthening its lead standards.


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  1. If we are upset over lead in our water pipes then why on earth would it be allowed to have lead lined cans? I’m sure they are cans of food. The GOP always wants less government oversight yet when the oversight is not present we have lead in cans and nothing is done about it. This is unacceptable. We pay salaries for people supposedly trained and educated in this field and they do nothing. I say “Get the Lead Out!”
    If companied continue to use lead in cans then close the company. Shut it down for good. Why? Because they are dong damage to animals and people alike. Where are the ethics in business?

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Don’t trust the FDA to protect our health. Look at Roundup, pans with Teflon coatings and so many more harmful chemicals. It takes forever to change the laws. In the mean time, people are getting cancers and other health problems. I don’t think that there is enough testing before things are approved for use. It seems to again be all about the money.

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