Punish Financial Officer Who Allegedly Stole From Animal Shelter

Target: Shawn Sant, Prosecuting Attorney for Franklin County, Washington

Goal: Seek maximum penalty for chief financial officer (CFO) accused of stealing from an animal shelter.

Julie Chambers, the CFO of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, has been accused of stealing $300,000 dollars from the non-profit to buy herself a home and pay off credit cards. Chambers is currently facing two felony charges in Franklin County: first-degree theft and money laundering. Days later, dozens of reportedly neglected or abused dogs and cats were removed from the shelter.

The money Chambers allegedly stole was taken after a donation of $545,000 came from the estate of a retired railroad engineer. The money was meant for a new building; her defense lawyer claims that she was owed the money and therefore no crime was committed. She allegedly provided a boost of her own money when the non-profit was started, and therefore was owed the money when the organization had the funds to reimburse her. The shelter director told investigators that Chambers did not have permission to withdraw the funds.

Theft from an animal shelter of all places, stealing from animals who desperately need it, is an abuse of power. Sign below and demand that, if found guilty, Julia Chambers faces the maximum penalty possible.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Sant,

Julia Chambers, the CFO of Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, is currently facing charges of first-degree theft and money laundering. The money that she allegedly stole was intended for malnourished and needy animals and her main defense directly contradicts the testimony of the shelter director.

Julia Chambers should face the maximum penalty possible if she is found guilty on both charges that she is accused of. Please, seek justice for these innocent animals.


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  1. This vile,mentally deranged,thief bitch must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less!

  2. How low can this person go?!!? She needs to return every cent to the shelter. The poor, sweet animals. I hope the authorities throw the book at her. She must be sent to prison. Animal shelters need the money very badly. This is just horrendous.

  3. There is no reason nor any excuse for what this woman did. By stealing money she makes it more of a heart ache for the pets at this shelter. This woman is not insane, she’s crafty and street smart. That is the worst type of criminal. She needs to be held in jail, have a court decision, by a jury, and then she can go spend time in prison. This is so disappointing.

  4. patricia schwartzman says:

    Let Julia Chambers, rot in jail and recover all the money she has stolen.
    What a despicable woman!

  5. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear Prosecuting Attorney Sant,
    We are confident in your just verdict in sentencing Julia Childs – and wish Your Highness good luck in recovering all the money she was wrongfully awarded.
    Thank you!

  6. Milantia Roy says:

    The world is full of scoundrels!

  7. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Shame on this women!!!These animals depended on her and she let them down and profited herself. Please prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law with jail time, fines, and she should never be allowed to run a rescue again! Sounds like the animals were not being properly cared for either!!!!

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