The Filibuster Has to Go

Target: Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader

Goal: End the chokehold the filibuster has on the democratic process.

The filibuster has become such a common practice on the Senate floor that essentially no legislation can be passed without a super majority of votes. This is due to a history of accidents, minority power, and racism. As every state gets two Senators, tallying up the 21 states with the least amount of residents, the number needed to filibuster, means that just 11% of the population can effectively have a chokehold on the other 89%. 

While filibusters were used sparingly in the 150 years since accidently created by Vice President Aaron Burr in 1806, they have skyrocketed since the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, and are especially frequent in the past decade. When first used, the filibuster meant that a senator had to actually stand on the floor of the senate and talk continuously, and was more often a delaying tactic than a defeat. This has changed, and now all a senator needs to do is state that he will filibuster and a bill is dead if it does not have 60 votes behind it- something that is nearly impossible to do. In fact, in 2018 only 52 bills were passed by vote in the senate.

This is beyond dysfunctional. A system that allows an aggressive minority to hold the American majority is not the tool of a successful democracy. No successful social or environmental acts can be passed with the constant objection of 41 American citizens consistently holding us back. Sign the petition below to let your voice be heard on the matter. The filibuster is undemocratic.


Dear Mr. Schumer,

The democratic process has been held hostage by the archaic tradition of the cloture rule. The Senate has been held in a gridlock for years, as an aggressive minority targets the majority of Americans calling for real change. It is impossible to address the climate crisis, racial justice, voting rights, or any other major legislative decisions when a small part of the radical right holds a disproportionate amount of power. 

The filibuster was used by racists during the Jim Crow Era, and must be revoked so that the U.S government can fully move into the 21st century. There is overwhelming support for liberal ideas like public healthcare and gun safety laws, that will not be passed if we cannot shift to a simple majority. Politics aside, the Senate continues to get less and less done each year; it is time that the senators work for the people that have voted them into power, instead of delaying and denying change.

Please, listen to your constituents and get rid of the archaic filibuster.  


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  3. There are a lot of things that need revamping in the workings of our Government. Nothing gets done. The filibuster is one but the electoral college is also a farce. Everyone needs to have their vote counted. We need changes that will benefit all people equally. Isn’t that what this Nation stands for?

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