Don’t Let Bitcoin Miner Derail Climate Goals

Target: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Goal: Deny permit to operate energy-guzzling bitcoin facility. 

Greenidge Generation, a bitcoin mining operation, has reopened a shuttered Fossil Fuel Power Plant in New York, using it to power over 15,000 computer servers to unlock bitcoin. Bitcoin is mined through these servers solving complex math problems, which is highly energy-intensive. They are mined because of the financial incentive; one Bitcoin is valued at over $65,000 dollars, with Greenidge able to mine nearly 250 a month. The energy needed to power these servers is 44 megawatts, enough to power nearly 35,000 homes.

As the current state of the climate continues to decline, it is important that states focus on their goals to combat global warming. This should include taking action against bitcoin mining, a practice that has been shown to have negative effects on the environment. The demand for electricity has alarmed environmentalists, who call for the State of New York to not renew the Greenidge plant’s air quality permit. While this operation is by no means the only company engaged in bitcoin mining, its reliance on fossil fuels is a clear indication of its stance on climate change, a problem that must be addressed now.

Sign the petition below to urge the State of New York to not renew Greenidge’s air quality permit and shutter this harmful power plant for good.


Dear Department of Environmental Conservation,

Cryptocurrency mining is an energy draining act that relies heavily on fossil fuels and contributes to global warming at a time when the fight against climate change is more dire than ever. Greenidge Generation is currently using a previously shuttered power plant to power their bitcoin mining operation of 15,300 computer servers, creating 44 megawatts of power from harmful fossil fuels. This actively jeopardizes New York States ability to meet its climate goals.

It is more important now than ever to take a firm stance against climate change, and stop the financial interests of megacorporations who profit off of global warming. The effects of climate change will continue to worsen unless steps are taken immediately to curtail and contain the causes, which cannot be done by individuals, but need to be addressed in a large-scale, systemic manner. 

Help to ensure that climate changed is stopped in its tracks by stopping the harmful effects of Greenidge Generation and companies like it.


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