Save Tigers From Abusive Trade

Target: Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Goal: Stop the unregulated trade of captive and dead tigers.

The commercial trade of captive tigers and their parts is both legal and out of control. Tigers born in Europe in captivity can still be traded for commercial purposes like circuses, for private keeping, or for photo opportunities. In some European countries you can even rent a tiger for a private party.

There is no clear count of the actual number of captive tigers and no significant overview of the trade of these animals. No organization, governmental or private, knows how many tigers are currently kept in Europe. They don’t know what happens to them during their lifetime or when they die. In some cases, these animals are being killed for use in traditional medicines or brews.

The world has already lost over 90% of its tigers. The dramatic decline is a result of a relentless demand for tigers either to be traded for their parts or used commercially. Legal trade poses an easy cover for illegal trade, which causes a real threat to the wild tiger population and encourages poaching. It is time to crack down on trade both legal and illegal of these endangered beasts who need our help now more than ever.


Dear Mrs. von der Leyen,

The legalized tiger trade in Europe is out of control. Tigers born into captivity are legally allowed to be traded for nearly any purpose, and because of the lack of governmental oversight can act as a cover for illegal trade. These animals are endangered, and it is vital that the EU works to improve the number of wild tigers, as well as the safety of the captive animals unable to be released into the wild.

There are likely less than 3,000 tigers left in the wild, and that number continues to dwindle. The legal trade of these captive beasts must be strictly monitored to protect and ensure the species survival. Please, establish a strict overview of tigers within the European Union.


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Photo Credit: Thomas B.


  1. Humans are the Savages on this planet. If there’s any hope for these beautiful animals, Do the right thing and stop this slaughter.

  2. Charleen Murphy says:

    I have no words, but it makes me so angry & upset what some disgusting humans have done to our beautiful animals!!!! 😠😠☹️😢 so terrible & so sad. Agreed it’s true what Marley said some humans are the filthy savages, some but not all. A lot of them make me sick

  3. SO called `human beings` are the idiots, foolish, ignorant and often evil, wicked people. This is a disgusting thing to do to ANY ANIMALS and you know it. These morons could learn great lessons from animals but choose NOT TO. YOU ARE ALL A DISGRACE, shame on all of you involved in this, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU.
    HOW DARE YOU DO THIS. Still thank heavens for KARMA, because I wouldn’t want any of yours. Oh yes, it ALWAYS FINDS YOU as it is above anything on this Earth.

  4. This is disgusting. Are WE really still this ignorant as a species? Man is the most dangerous animal.

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