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Alex Gansky

Demand Allegedly Neglectful Zoo Retire Animals to a Sanctuary

A roadside zoo with a history of reported neglect and Animal Welfare Act violations refuses to shut down despite apparently not being able to properly care for its animals. Sign the petition and demand the zoo surrender its animals to an accredited sanctuary.

Praise Popular Fashion Designer for Joining the Fight Against Fur

Popular designer, Donna Karan, has finally made the pledge to go fur-free. Animals trapped within the fur industry suffer mentally and physically daily. Sign this petition to praise the designer for no longer supporting this cruel industry.

Praise City for Banning Fur Sales

San Francisco has become the first major city to ban the sale of fur from full fur coats to small keychains. About 50 million animals are killed annually for fur and it is time to put an end to this cruel industry. Sign this petition to show your support of San Francisco’s new ban.

Success: Luxury Brand Stops Using Fur

A popular handbag and accessory brand has decided to no longer use fur in its products. This will save countless animals from unnecessary pain and premature death. Sign this petition to show your support of the brand’s recent decision.

Praise Versace for Ending Use of Fur

Versace has recently announced that it will no longer be using fur in its collections. This will spare countless animals from unnecessary pain and death. Sign this petition to praise Versace on making the compassionate choice.

Demand Festival Stop Using Animals for Entertainment

An annual festival cruelly uses live animals for various events and entertainment. Unfortunately, over the years the animals used have been unnecessarily injured or killed. Sign this petition to demand the festival no longer use animals for entertainment.

Stop University’s Cruel Monkey Experiment

Duke University has reportedly been denying monkeys water in order to make them cooperate in a ridiculous experiment. The study looked at the effects of sex and power in advertisements, which is something researchers have known about for years. Sign this petition to demand the university put an end to this cruel experiment.

Stop Mass Rattlesnake Slaughter

Every year, a town in Texas tortures and kills countless snakes as a form of entertainment. The festival is based around various events, including skinning snakes alive, cutting off their heads, and sewing their mouths shut. Sign this petition to put this cruel festival to an end.

Stop City’s Potential Coyote Slaughter

A city hired a contractor to catch coyotes with a steel-jaw trap to lower the population. Not only is this incredibly cruel, but it is also an ineffective way to control the population. Sign this petition and demand the city find a more humane solution to its problem.

Demand Designer Stop Using Orylag Fur

The high end retailer Dolce & Gabbana continues to use fur on many of its products, despite knowing fur comes from the bodies of tortured animals. Animal activists recently investigated a connected fur farm and found rabbits suffering from dehydration, malnutrition, open wounds, and various other injuries. Sign this petition to demand Dolce & Gabbana stop using fur.

Stop City From Killing Coyotes

Reportedly, a city just hired a contractor is trap and kill coyotes as a means of population control. Trapping is an incredibly barbaric way to control the population and is quite ineffective. Sign this petition to demand the city stop this cruel slaughter before it is too late.

Applaud Vitamin Company for Ending Cruel Animal Experiments

A popular, international vitamin company has decided to end all of its animal experimentation. Over the years, countless mice were injected with chemicals and put through other painful procedures for this company, but it is now over. Sign this petition and praise the company for ending this unnecessary cruelty.

Demand Community Home Stop Using Glue Traps

Reportedly, a community home is using glue traps to control rodents despite knowing how horrible these traps are. Animals stuck on glue traps will do anything to escape, including ripping off their own fur and chewing off their limbs. Sign this petition and demand the community home switch to a more humane method of population control.

Demand Popular Comedian Cancel SeaWorld Performance

A popular comedian and musician is planning on performing at SeaWorld despite the amusement park’s horrible history of abuse and neglect. The animals trapped at SeaWorld face unimaginable difficulties daily and suffer mentally and physically. Sign this petition and demand the comedian cancel his plans at SeaWorld.

Praise Fire Department for Going Above and Beyond to Save Stranded Cat

A stray cat was trapped on a 100-foot cliff for ten days without access to food or water. After several failed rescue attempts, a local fire department stepped in to save the cat. Sign this petition and thank the fire department for helping this cat.

Demand Fair Cancel Plans with Cruel Bear Show

A fair is planning on hosting a traveling bear show that forces its animals to ride scooters and balance on balls. This life is incredibly stressful for these majestic creatures and it is time to stop supporting this cruel business. Sign this petition and demand the Florida State Fair cancel its plans with Welde’s Big Bear Show.

Stop Selling Marsupials Into Lives of Cruel Captivity

Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal animals that are becoming popular pets and were sold at a state’s holiday fair last year. Sugar gliders trapped in captivity are denied everything natural to them and often suffer physically and mentally. Sign this petition and demand the fair no longer host this cruel animal trade business.

Stop Renaissance Festival from Allowing Elephant Rides

A renaissance fair continues to support and allow elephant rides despite knowing the horrors that happen behind closed doors. These incredibly intelligent animals are often abused and neglected by the hands of their owners. Sign this petition and demand the festival no longer allow this cruelty.

Demand Sport Chek Return to Fur-Free Products

Sport Chek recently started selling fur products after previously banning this cruel product. Animals trapped in the fur industry are typically crudely killed before they turn a year old. Sign this petition to demand the company stop selling fur for good.

Stop Forcing Dehydrated Animals to Carry Humans

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the ‘Lost City’ of Petra, but unfortunately, many animals are abused at this historical sight. Nearly 1,500 animals are forced to carry humans and drag carts all day every day in the desert heat. Sign this petition and demand Jordan start utilizing vehicle transportation rather than exploiting animals.

Praise Norway for Banning Fur Farming

Norway will be shutting down all its fur farms by 2025. This is making it the first Nordic country to ban fur. Sign this petition to praise Norway for taking the initiative to protect these innocent animals.

Praise New Jersey for Banning All Traveling Animal Acts

Unfortunately, there are still many traveling circuses that imprison wild animals and force them to perform tricks. Thankfully, New Jersey has taken a stand for these animals and banned all traveling animal acts. Sign this petition and praise New Jersey for being the first state to ban all traveling animal acts.

Stop Hosting Cruel Animal Circuses

Unfortunately, many venues are still hosting animal circuses despite knowing the horrors that happen behind the scenes. Animals trapped in circuses are often abused, neglected, and exploited. Sign this petition and demand these venues stop supporting this cruelty.

Stop Cutting Up and Serving Live Animals at Restaurants

Octopus are being held down, cut up alive, and then served in sushi restaurants. Octopus can feel pain and are aware of each hack into their sensitive tentacles. Sign this petition to demand officials protect these animals and stop restaurants from preparing and serving live animals.

Applaud Punishment of Hollywood Animal Handler

A Hollywood animal exhibitor lost his license after racking up too many Animal Welfare Act violations. The handler allegedly beat animals regularly while they were under his care. Sign this petition and praise the USDA for revoking this man’s license.

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