Success: City Halts Plans to Kill Coyotes

Target: Tom Beck, Mayor of Arcadia, California

Goal: Thank the city for reversing its decision to slaughter coyotes.

Recently, the Arcadia City Council had plans to hire a contractor and kill coyotes as a means of population control. Thankfully, the decision was reversed and the city will no longer senselessly slaughter these innocent animals.

The initial plan was to trap and kill the coyotes. Trapping is an extremely stressful situation for animals, and it is not uncommon for animals to chew limbs off in order to escape these traps. Trapping also leads to injury and death of non-targeted wildlife including endangered species. Not only is this whole process cruel, but it is not even an effective means of population control.

Concerned citizens of Arcadia, animal rights activists and petitions like this one on ForceChange led to the city’s decision to cancel this cull. Sign this petition and thank Arcadia, California for reversing its decision to kill these innocent animals.


Dear Mayor Beck,

Recently, Arcadia voted to reverse its decision to trap and kill coyotes as a means of population control. This is great news for the innocent animals sharing the city with you.

Trapping is an incredibly cruel and stressful situation for wild animals. Trapping also leads to injury and death of non-targeted wildlife including endangered species. It is not uncommon for animals to chew off limbs in order to escape the traps. In addition, trapping and killing is not an effective way to control animal populations. Instead it just leads to unnecessary deaths and is a waste of time and money.

Thank you for deciding to reverse your initial decision to kill coyotes and for listening to the people of your city.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Chistopher Bruno


  1. Such great news! Especially for coyotes.

  2. Thank you, no other words can express my gratitude at the thought that these wonderful animals will not be hunted and killed. We need to work with the animals and their place in our world.

  3. Well. I’m glad this is in California, not here in North Dakota.

    You see it’s calving season here in the heartland, and they coyotes around here are anything but innocent neighbors.

    I was out building fence, and getting some cows out of the alfalfa fields yesterday. The neighbor was out with a handful of friends doing a little predator control.

    Every time I heard a gunshot over the hill, a little smile crept up on my face. If you have ever experienced the scene of a pack of coyotes tearing a day-old calf apart while it screams in pain, you might smile too.

    Anyway, the moral of my story is; Good for you for saving the “innocent” coyotes. Just don’t complain if some of the other innocent animals in the Arcadia area end up not so fortunate.

    Y’all have a good day.

  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

  5. Kudos to Tom Beck and the Arcadia City Counci!!!!

    Let’s hope others will follow the example you have set!!!

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