Success: Duck Strangling Festival Canceled

Target: Rolando Zapata Bello, Governor of Yucatan

Goal: Thank government officials for putting an end to a violent event in which ducks are strangled.

For years, a small city in Mexico held the Kots Kaal Pato festival, which roughly translates into “strangle the duck.” During this festival, a duck would be tied up to a wooden frame and at the whistle blow, festival-goers would trample over each other to try to be the one to rip off the duck’s head.

The event was truly barbaric and savage. It showed some of the worst aspects of humans. Thankfully, due to numerous online petitions including one at ForceChange, government officials have decided to ban the violent festival. Sign this petition and thank officials for banning this barbaric event. Numerous lives are now spared unnecessary pain and death.


Dear Mr. Bello,

The Kots Kaal Pato festival was an event held every year in the small city of Citilcum where a duck would be tied to a wooden frame and festival-goers would scramble over each other to be the one to rip off the duck’s head. The event showed some of the worst sides of humanity.

Thankfully, after listening to the public, you have decided to ban this cruel festival. Now, numerous ducks have been spared from unimaginable pain and unnecessary death. Thank you for listening and protecting these animals. No animal should be tortured for entertainment.


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Photo credit: Brandon Weeks


  1. What a vile practise. Thank you for stopping this barbaric ‘sport’.

  2. Cecily Colloby says:

    I am not thanking Mr Bello -this hideous “festival” should not have existed in the first place and has only been stopped because of all the people who signed endless petitions against it!!Mr Bello isn’t a hero simply because he finally got the message -if it wasn’t for the petition and all the tireless “signers” this “festival” would still be carrying on. THANKYOU to all those who signed! !!!!!

    • You’re right Cecily. If it was not for the petitions, Mr. Bello would not have done anything to stop the barbaric festival event. Thank you to all the signers!

    • I agree with you. I know that there are so many violent things that Mexico and other countries to do animals and call it a festival.

  3. Strangle these POS duck stranglers.An eye for an eye is indeed required!!

  4. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    It never ceases to shock me to hear/read just how barbaric and heinously abased humanity sinks.

  5. OMG! Did all the psychopaths get together? Why was this barbarism every begun?! Ripping off the heads of innocent ducks?! Where did all these sickening cruel monsters come from?!

    What kind of pleasure does some evil S.O.B get from causing immense pain, terror and suffering?!

    Why did it take public petitions to end this horror?!

  6. Philip Stevenson says:

    What the hell did these innocent, helpless souls do to deserve this monstrous atrocity? Humans are the most disgusting, soulless, heartless scum that ever walked the earth. That is proof. Each day I read about increasingly evil actions against helpless animals, just because they cannot fight back. There is a special place in Hell for these gutter dwellers. Karma is sure to follow. But, thank you for fighting this menace and winning. But how many more such nauseating violence orgies are going on elsewhere?

  7. They got together at the Morons convention. Lets hang them and tear there heads off that’s all they deserve these sick bastards. They need to be taken off this planet we all no sick devils like this do much more to innocent animals they are just ignorant pieces of crape.

  8. Thank you for helping these poor helpless animals by making the town cancel this cruel festival!♡

  9. Thank you for stopping this Violent & vicious, cruel practice of strangling such Innocent Ducks for no reason. You will have a special place in the heaven for banning this heinous, crimes thrown against the poor defenseless Ducks…Thank You…& Bless You…

  10. Tricia KatWrangler Welch says:

    How do these “traditions” and “festivals” even get started. Who the f’ thinks about pulling the head off a duck, or throwing cats off 100 ft towers for luck, or “spinning” a dog to prevent rabies? What messed-up crazy-ass psychopathic monster comes up with this s#!t? And then gets people to follow along?

    So glad another horrible tradition has gone away, hopefully forever.

  11. Duck Strangling Festival
    What kind of people have a festival to strangle ducks? Moronic hedonists demon people that are mentally challenged and have shit for brains
    Never traveling to this hell hole

  12. What in the hell is wrong with people! They need serious therapy! Can you imagine being that poor duck the pain the suffering…..thank God this was stopped!

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