Success: Coast Guard Stops Killing Animals for Training

Target: Paul Zukunft, Coast Guard Commandant Admiral

Goal: Praise the U.S. Coast Guard for moving away from live animal trauma training.

For years, live animals have been used for trauma training in the U.S. military. Animals used in this training would often have their limbs cut off, have holes cut into their bodies, and have organs pulled out. Thankfully, the Coast Guard’s Commandant Admiral Paul Zukunft recently announced that the Coast Guard will be moving away from “live tissue” trauma training and start utilizing high-tech simulators. This is thanks to the voices of concerned citizens and countless petitions, such as this one on ForceChange.

The Coast Guard is now starting its transition to simulators which are not only much more ethical, but also more cost efficient. The simulators have realistic organs, layers of skin, and bones. They also mimic human breathing and bleeding.

Sign this petition and praise the U.S. Coast Guard for making this compassionate change.


Dear Admiral Zukunft,

Recently, you announced that the U.S. Coast Guard will be phasing out live animal trauma training and instead will start utilizing high-tech human simulators. This decision will spare countless lives from unnecessary pain and death.

The high-tech simulators are great learning tools that are not only more ethical, but also more cost efficient. It is amazing how far technology has come and I am ecstatic that you are now utilizing these scientific advancements to protect innocent animals.

Thank you for making this compassionate change and saving countless lives from unimaginable pain and death. I can only hope more branches of the military follow in your footsteps.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Duncan Hull


  1. Although I am really happy about this decision by the U.S. Coast Guard to stop brutally torturing animals, I won’t sign this petition to thank them. They are sadistic monsters and only responded to people’s outcries because of pressure and bad publicity.
    Any normal person would not have committed these atrocities in the first place.
    They should be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

  2. Teresa Bruckner says:

    Likewise I will not be signing a petition to ‘praise’ an adult for stopping abuse or torture of animals! Animals should never be abused or tortured, adult human beings should know better especially those in positions of responsibility e.g. coast guards…. However many thanks are due and sent wholeheartedly to those who saw, protested and petitioned against this cruelty.

  3. tina robertson says:

    Thanks for being a little less disgusting. Hows that? Oh and fuck your transition. If u want to kill someone please start rounding up the white trash beating their wives. And some of the wives have committed what should be criminal acts – breeding with a dangerous man should get them forcibly spayed and their kids taken away forever. We dont let murderers off just because they made tragic decisions. Just saying stop hurting animals. No one will miss violent white trash. Do whatever you want to that sub human filth

  4. I completely understand why people will not sign. I’m a vegetarian, so I’m coming from a place where the meat industry is not included in my diet. People are so twisted and dark minded that they will stop doing bad just to feel good by a praise. So if I have to feed into that narcissist mentality just to get people to stop doing harm to animals I WILL. So if it means signing a petition of thanks then so be it as it is for the good of the animals which is a greater cause. But I do understand why people would not want to sign, I’m just giving a realistic reason why you should consider signing. Thanks for reading!

  5. I’m really happy that our online petitions enact change. I’ve seen a lot of good things take place because of all the attention that the petitions bring. I truly commend the people that take the initiative to start a petition in order to benefit animals lives. I appreciate the fact that someone is doing it. I’m such an animal lover but have never started one.
    As far as this particular petition I did sign only for the acknowledgement that our voices were heard. I hate that they used the animals in the first place. New technology is better for everyone.
    I’m grateful and rejoice in this news!

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ??

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