Success: Abusive Zoo Finally Closes

Target: Paul Martin, Chief of Police, Durham Regional Police Service

Goal: Thank the police for investigating the abusive zoo owner, which led to the closing of his zoo.

Bowmanville Zoological Park, which is owned by the abusive trainer Michael Hackenberger, is finally closing its doors for good. After PETA released footage of Michael Hackenberger whipping a tiger until he defecated while Hackenberger joyfully stated how satisfying it is to dominate animals in such a way, an investigation into the zoo was performed.

Thankfully, the zoo is now closing down and Hackenberger is facing prosecution. These animals will no longer have to live in fear under the tyrant Hackenberger. The footage of the tiger is incredibly hard to watch and one can only imagine the things that were not caught on tape.

It is thanks to activists and petitions like this one at ForceChange that the atrocious Bowmanville Zoological Park was brought to the attention of the police. Sign this petition and thank the police for taking this matter seriously and for helping the animals imprisoned at this awful zoo.


Dear Chief Martin,

Recently, the abusive and neglectful Bowmanville Zoological Park was brought to your attention. The owner and animal trainer, Michael Hackenberger, has been caught on camera abusing his animals on more than one occasion. First, he was caught screaming at a baboon who did not do as he was told quick enough for Hackenberger, and then he was caught whipping a tiger until he defecated in fear.

After these atrocities were brought to your attention, an investigation was held. Thankfully, the Bowmanville Zoological Park is now shutting its doors for good and Hackenberger is facing prosecution.

I want to thank you for taking this matter seriously and for helping the animals imprisoned at Bowmanville Zoological Park. These animals no longer have to live in fear, and it brings much happiness to know that this abuse is finally being put to an end.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: hanna_boehm0


  1. Avatar photo Karen Haid says:

    Don’t get too happy folks. Some of the employees are reopening the same horror in a new location. Read the story in the Dodo.

  2. I hope a new zoo with the same abuse is not allowed to open. This is despicable, and any authority allowing this needs to be fired. among other things.

  3. The owner and all his demented and abusive employees need to be charged!

    I think we should strip them all naked and whip them all till they’re pissing and shitting all over themselves.

  4. A cancer curse on Hackenberger may he suffer untold agony for the rest of his miserable life and those who worked for him. He is deranged. Whip the bastard to death. Someone have the guts to kill him he doesn’t deserve to live.

  5. Thanks for closing the zoo! May the get 100 x more pain than he gave!

  6. Thank you very much – PLEASE do not allow anyone else to run places such as this going forward. Authorities please keep your eyes peeled.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    HOORAY❗️Thank you❗️?
    Signed & Shared.

  8. It seems that Michael Hackenberger is a recalcitrant animal abuser who truly enjoys inflicting pain on another living being. Please do not let this vile man or his accomplices off so easily, never allow them to take advantage of any loopholes to undermine the law and reopen another HELLHOLE.
    Thanks to everyone involved in helping to shut down Bowmanville Zoological Park and ended the long sufferings and tortures of these poor helpless animals for good.

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