Success: Major Retailer Ends Sale of Fur and Angora Hair

Target: Sarah Benady, Executive Director North America, The Kooples

Goal: Praise The Kooples for ending its sale and use of fur and angora hair that is harvested from suffering animals.

The Kooples has taken a stance against fur and angora hair harvested from helpless and abused animals, joining Forever 21, Topshop, Calvin Klein, and many other retailers that have stopped selling these products in recent years. This is wonderful news for animals everywhere that is made possible by petitions like this one at ForceChange.

Animals used for fur and angora hair are typically kept in tiny cages with limited access to food, water and clean air. The fur animals are typically killed by suffocation, anal electrocution, and poisoning. Angora rabbits have it even worse. Every three months their fur is ripped, plucked or torn from their bodies while conscious, subjecting them to years of terror and suffering.

Thankfully, more and more retailers are realizing that no animals should die or be tortured for clothing. Sign this petition and thank The Kooples for making the compassionate change.


Dear Ms. Benady,

Recently, The Kooples announced that it would no longer use or sell products containing fur and angora hair. This is wonderful news for animals everywhere.

As you know, animals on fur and angora farms face unimaginable horrors daily. Angora rabbits have their fur plucked, torn or ripped from their bodies every three months. Animals used for fur must be killed which is usually done by poisoning, anal electrocution or suffocation. Fur farms are Hell on Earth for animals.

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for making the compassionate choice. Now your company no longer supports this cruel industry, and I know that if the animals could speak they would thank you for it. I can only hope more retailers follow in your footsteps.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: John Leffmann


  1. One down …
    BTW: Than you, Kooples.

  2. must end all use of fur now .

  3. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  4. Thank you for your compassion!

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