Success: Luxury Brand Stops Using Fur

Target: Eraldo Polito, CEO of Furla

Goal: Praise Furla for ending its use of fur for key chains.

Luxury brand Furla has stopped using fur. Furla is a popular international retailer that sells mainly handbags and accessories. Some of its most popular products were keychains made with real fur. Thankfully after hearing complaints from the public, including those at ForceChange, Furla has decided to end its use of fur. This is great news, as no animal should suffer and die for something as useless as a keychain.

Animals trapped within the fur industry face unimaginable horrors daily. They suffer mentally and physically as they are typically cramped into small, dirty cages with limited access to food and water. They are killed much before their time and in whatever way the workers deem most convenient. Common ways include neck-breaking, strangulation, suffocation, and electrocution. These killing methods are not foolproof and often lead to animals being skinned alive.

Sign this petition and praise Furla for finally ending its use of fur. This will spare countless animals from unnecessary suffering and premature death.


Dear Mr. Polito,

It recently came to my attention that Furla has decided to end the use of fur in its products. I was ecstatic to hear this news.

As you know, animals trapped within the fur industry face mental and physical problems daily. Their injuries and illnesses are often left untreated as they are left to suffer in cramped, dirty cages. Access to food and water is limited, and many of the animals go their whole lives without seeing sunlight. When the time comes, the animals are crudely killed and skinned for their fur.

Thankfully, Furla has ended its support of this cruel industry and joins countless designers, including Gucci, Michael Kors, Armani, and Ralph Lauren, in the fight against fur. Thank you for making this compassionate change.


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Photo credit: Ryzhkov Sergey

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  1. Gen Agustsson says:

    ban all fur worldwide.

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