Success: Resort Ends Cruel Big Cat Show

Target: David A. Siegel, Chairman and CEO of Westgate Resorts

Goal: Praise resort for ending its cruel big cat show.

For years, Dirk Arthur has been putting on big cat shows at a variety of Las Vegas resorts. Thankfully, the public is becoming more and more aware of what happens to these majestic animals behind the scenes. This has resulted in many resorts dropping Mr. Arthur’s show, including the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Mr. Arthur has been cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for a variety of violations, from unsafe enclosures to painful and forceful declawing. His actions seem to indicate that he cares very little for the animals he owns and the communities in which he works. Thanks to the support of countless activists, including those at ForceChange, attention has been brought on the suffering that wild animals face in captivity.

Sign this petition and praise the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino for finally dropping Mr. Arthur’s show.


Dear Mr. Siegel,

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino has made the decision to drop Dirk Arthur’s big cat show after learning of the horrors that happen behind the scenes. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino now joins MGM Grand and Caesars Palace in banning Mr. Arthur’s cruel show.

Not only are crowded resorts and loud casinos a stressful place for wild animals, but Mr. Arthur has been cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for numerous citations including forceful declawing and denying his cats adequate exercise. His actions show that he cares little for the animals he owns.

Thank you for dropping Mr. Arthur’s show and recognizing that these majestic animals deserve so much more than to be exploited for profit. Hopefully more resorts will follow in your footsteps.


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  1. Thank you to the CEO Mr. David Siegel, for dropping the innocent animals show run by the man named Arthur. Who needs to watch, the animal torturing & screaming at them and asking them to perform actions which the brain damaged men loves to create. These animals are born to be wild. NOT TO COME ON STAGES TO PERFORM FOR THE PUBLIC. What a madness is that? These stupid so called entertainment of animals came to known, in the olden days when people had NOTHING ELSE TO DO. SO THEY INVADED THE JUNGLES CAUGHT THE DEFENSELESS ANIMALS BROUGHT TO THE PUBLIC PLACES TO SHOW AND EARN MONEY….Gradually the acting of some sort etc. etc. it did not end due to the scooping of Money from the unsuspecting customers, who did not know these ANIMALS PAINS & SUFFERING THEY UNDERGO BEHIND THE CLOSE DOORS.

    NOW THE ERA IS NO LONGER, THAT MUCH BACKWARD OR BARBARIC. SO PLEASE SEND THESE ANIMALS TO A SANCTUARY TO LIVE THEIR REMAINING LIFE IN PEACE, without yelling & screaming, & getting beatings from the subhumans who claimed to be the animal caregivers…

    Please support these animals to be released from the Greedy Money Hungry man named Dirk Arthur or Dirty Arthur…

  2. Thank you! Let’s hope others follow!

  3. You guys are the best – maybe others will follow suit

  4. I just wish all wild animals would be left alone and not captured to be used for stupid entertainment.

  5. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    “Ye must not only have kind and merciful feelings for mankind, but ye should also exercise the utmost kindness towards every living creature.
    The physical sensibilities and instincts are common to animal and man.
    Man is, however, negligent of this reality and imagines that sensibility is peculiar to mankind, therefore he practices cruelty to the animal…..
    In reality what difference is there in physical sensations! Sensibility is the same whether you harm man or animal: there is no difference. Nay, rather, cruelty to the animal is more painful because man has a tongue and he sighs, complains and groans when he receives an injury and complains to the government and the government protects him from cruelty; but the poor animal cannot speak, it can neither show its suffering nor is it able to appeal to the government.
    If it is harmed a thousand times by man it is not able to defend itself in words nor can it seek justice or retaliate…..
    Therefore one must be very considerate towards animals and show greater kindness to them than to man…. Man is generally sinful and the animal is innocent; unquestionably one must be more kind and merciful to the innocent”. Baha’i Faith Writings
    Thank you and God bless those who became a voice for these wild animals.

  6. Perhaps we should remove the nails of these disgusting people who abuse these animals and then force them to perform, whether they want to or not! Thank you Westgate! Hopefully, someone will step in and physically remove these innocent and magnificent animals from these abusers and send them to a good sanctuary!!!

    • Appreciate the sentiment, but everyone must stop being so ignorant of what “declawing” really IS — the AMPUTATION of not just claws, but including the FIRST JOINT/KNUCKLE of cats, “big” or “domesticated”! They cut off part of their TOES, resulting in lifelong pain and physical disablement!

      So a more fitting tit-for-tat remedy would be to remove the ends of all FINGERS of these disgusting people instead.

  7. BUT, was this disgusting act ALSO dropped at the (likely, more profitable) FLAMINGO resort, TOO??..or is this just a crumb the CEO is tossing out there to APPEAR as if he gives a damn about public opinion or these poor big cats?

    No one should be fooled, or ever be naive enough to “hope” or assume these poor felines will be retired to a real sanctuary, regardless. That rat-bastard, Dirk Arthur still owns them and most likely will do one or more of even MORE heinous things to them, e.g.:
    – have them killed & sell their “parts” off for more money
    – keep them but neglect them until they’re dead
    – sell them off to ANOTHER exploitative person/business
    – sell them to a bloody zoo
    – breed them for more money, with their offspring then ALSO being subjected to a miserable (but shortened) lifetime of horror and suffering

    The truth is, people who condone, in any way, the use and abuse of these animals for self-serving profit DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about what happens to these animals. And neither do the people who attend such hellish venues. So ONLY if the utmost RIGHT and COMPASSIONATE things, all down the line, are now done, or fought for on behalf of these big cats, does anyone deserve praise. Until, if or when, that happens, any Westgate property should be strictly off people’s list and not funded in any way.


    What will happen to these fine cats? I hope they´ll come to a sanctuary. They must be freed from this evil bastard who only thinks of himself and money.

  9. Thank you for showing your kindness.

    Hope that cats would go to Shambala Big Cat Reserve in California or Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

    I am sure that the local media could get involved and help finding a wealthy sponsor to get the cats to one of these reputable sanctuaries.

  10. Thank you for all of the poor animals and stupid people too dumb to notice the animals suffering!

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😠

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