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Protect Sacred Navajo Lands from Fracking

One of the Navajo Nation’s most sacred sights may be threatened by the construction of 3,200 fracking wells. Demand that the government abandon plans to open the Chaco Canyon region up to the destructive practice of fracking.

Protect Impoverished Village from Fracking

Fracking is closing in on an impoverished Colombian village, threatening its water supply and its livestock. Demand that the wishes of the villagers, not the money of big business, be respected.

Pause Fracking After 5.0 Magnitude Quake Rocks Texas

Fracking has resulted in a dangerous 5.0 magnitude earthquake in Texas. Demand that this practice be paused until its full effects can be realized.

Stop Selling Public Lands for Fracking During the Covid-19 Crisis

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to sell public lands for fracking and make major policy decisions while the threat of Covid-19 grows. Covid-19 has seriously interrupted citizens’ ability to take part in the decision-making process regarding their public lands and resources. Demand the BLM stop selling public lands and halt any planning processes until the threat of Covid-19 diminishes and Americans can adequately participate.

Don’t Bail Out Environmentally Damaging Fracking Companies Due to Coronavirus Fears

The fracking industry may receive a bailout from President Trump due to fears of the coronavirus. The means that funds meant for the public would be diverted to an abusive and environmentally destructive industry. Demand that this corrupt abuse of public funds be stopped immediately.

Stop Dangerous Stealth Acid Fracking

Gas companies are circumventing a moratorium on the destructive practice of fracking through “stealth fracking” in the UK. This is putting the health of countless people and wildlife at risk. Call for a full ban on all forms of fracking immediately.

Ban Fracking in New Mexico

Fracking has polluted water and destroyed habitats. The government of New Mexico would like to temporarily ban the practice. Sign the petition to support this move.

Ban Destructive Acid Fracking That Pollutes Water Sources

A new and dangerous form of fracking, using pressurized acid, may soon become common in Britain. This practice is not legally recognized as fracking under British law, so its opponents are concerned that it will see widespread introduction with no legal recourse. Sign now to demand a halt to acid fracking.

Save the Planet from the Harmful Effects of Fracking

Fracking continues to be a dangerous practice, hurting land, water, air, and all of the living beings that inhabit the planet. Demand that it be banned in all its forms.

Success: Fracking Moratorium Put in Place

Fracking has been permanently halted in the UK, as the government has conceded its defeat to anti-fracking activists. For years, fracking has been damaging the countryside, tainting green spaces and endangering wildlife and humans alike, and the government has continued to defend the unethical practice. Thank the environmental activists for finally forcing the government’s hand and ending fracking.

Success: Hazardous Fracking Temporarily Banned

Fracking was recently banned in the United Kingdom in a historic victory. This came in response to a report detailing all of the well-known environmental and public health risks associated with fracking. Congratulate the British government for this historic decision.

Suspend Fracking and the Spread of its Toxic Chemicals

Toxic fracking chemicals are being found as far as 2,000 feet away from fracking sites and causing serious illnesses. Demand an investigation.

Demand Justice for Indigenous Argentinians Affected by Fracking

Fracking has damaged the environment and harmed the health of indigenous Mapuche people in Argentina. Add your voice to call a halt to these destructive practices.

Continue to Halt Permits for Dangerous Fracking

Fracking permits in California have been halted, saving millions of acres of land, thousands of endangered species, and millions of citizens. Ask that these efforts continue.

Halt Fracking Following Catastrophic Explosion

Toxic flames are expected to seep into the air for over a month following a catastrophic explosion at a fracking site. Demand an investigation into this disaster.

Indefinitely Suspend Fracking After Record-Breaking Earthquake

Fracking has shook foundations in a record-breaking earthquake for Lancashire. Demand that fracking be indefinitely suspended to ensure that no lives are at risk.

Suspend Fracking to Protect Women’s Health

Fracking has been proven to negatively impact the health of pregnant women and thus the health of their unborn child. Demand that fracking be suspended until further consequences can be discovered.

Success: Suspected Fracking Kingpin Fired

A key player in California’s fracking industry has been fired and his division is under investigation for reportedly profiting off the state’s increase in fracking permits. This has freed up an administrative position, which will be filled with an advocate for safer and healthier forms of energy. Praise these bold moves towards a frack-free future.

Don’t Let Fracking Destroy English Village

A small village in Yorkshire is under threat of fracking. Demand that the energy company respect the wishes of the village’s citizens and abandon plans to frack their land.

Halt Fracking to Investigate Childhood Cancer Connection

Childhood cancer rates have risen alongside the influx of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Demand an investigation into the health consequences of this dangerous practice.

Stop Stealing Citizens’ Land for Fracking

A natural gas company illegally seized and trespassed on private property for drilling purposes. Demand that this abuse of the rights and property of citizens come to an end.

Support Continued Fight Against Fracking

The fracking industry is claiming that their dangerous practice is beneficial in a last-ditch attempt to remain in business. It is the exact opposite; it harms the environment and living creatures, and only benefits the industry’s desire for profit. Stabilize and tighten anti-fracking laws and regulations to support the continued fight against the practice.

Success: Fracking Tsar Resigns

Fracking tsar Natascha Engle has resigned after six months, thanks to the continued protest of fracking by environmental groups and the general public. It is hoped that her resignation will be a major step in the complete shutdown of the fracking industry. Thank the Extinction Rebellion environmental group for their protests, which led to Engle’s resignation.

Protect Over One Million Acres of Land from Fracking

Over one million acres of public land are at risk of fracking and natural gas drilling. Demand that these devastating plans be put to an end.

Success: Environment Protected by Fracking Ban

Fracking has been banned in Oregon while the government takes time to research the controversial practice. Thank the government for taking a stand to protect the environment.

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