Success: Maryland Bans Dangerous Fracking

Target: Larry Hogan, Governor of Maryland

Goal: Thank Maryland’s governor for supporting anti-fracking bill.

Nearly half a decade ago, Maryland governor Larry Hogan had voiced support for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking within his state. Now, thanks to the effort of thousands of environmentalists, and community support from petitions such as this one on ForceChange, the governor has had a change of heart and has vowed to sign into a law a ban on statewide fracking which has passed the Maryland General Assembly.

Fracking refers to a harmful and potentially dangerous form of oil extraction from shale which involves injecting liquid at extremely high pressures into the rock in order to force open fissures which allow oil and gas to flow freely. The process of disposing tainted wastewater from fracking can create severe water and air pollution, while the act of fracking itself is known to cause earthquakes and to devalue properties.

In banning fracking, Maryland is paving the way for cleaner energy alternatives. As a low-lying, largely coastal state, Maryland faces major threats from climate change due to rising sea levels as well as from more intense Atlantic hurricanes. This ban will help protect the state against both the immediate dangers of fracking, as well as the long-term impact that global warming will likely have if the majority of fossil fuel reserves are not allowed to remain underground where scientists say they belong.

Only two other states currently ban fracking — New York and Vermont. Other governors should follow Larry Hogan’s actions and support similar bills in their own states, so that this harmful practice will hopefully be eventually banned nationwide. Sign this petition to thank the governor for his promised support.


Dear Governor Hogan,

I am writing to applaud the recent passing of a ban through the Maryland General Assembly which will block all fracking from occurring statewide. Your promised support shows a commitment to combating climate change, which we desperately need at a time when so many government officials and legislators have denied the facts or refused to take action. In signing this ban into effect, you are protecting Maryland both from the immediate and immense threats that fracking poses from water contamination to earthquakes, as well as the long-term dangers from rising sea levels and more devastating hurricanes.

My hope is that your actions will be a signal to other governors to give their support to similar anti-fracking bills in their own states, and that you will continue to fight for the environment and Maryland’s future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Marcellus Protest


  1. Wow – a politician who listens! Thank you for banning fracking. Hope this will catch on all over. Fracking is so dangerous and harmful, it should be permanently banned everywhere.

  2. Thankyou for helping to protect the only Earth we have!

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    drink free water not money!

  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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