Success: Hazardous Fracking Plans Denied

Target: The Right Honourable James Brokenshire, Lancashire’s Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Goal: Praise Lancashire government for rejecting energy firm’s fracking plans.

Lancashire’s unspoiled, natural beauty is safe from the Cuadrilla firm’s fracking plans, thanks to the government’s rejecting of their bid to construct four wells in the area. Cuadrilla’s previous fracking efforts had been halted four times over two months due to recurring earthquakes and tremors, leading to demands for them to stop entirely. The site intended for Roseacre Wood, in particular, would negatively impact road safety, according to news reports.

The rejection of these plans altogether is a big step forward for the environment. Fracking is and will always be one of the most dangerous methods of obtaining energy. The gases released pollute the air and harm humans and animals alike, the fractures in the ground do damage to wildlife habitats, and the wells disrupt the natural beauty of coastlines and forests. Petitions such as this one were circulated, reminding the public once again the dangers fracking poses to the environment as a whole.

It is hoped that this decision from the government will put a dent in fracking overall, with more and more countries and cities alike rejecting companies’ bids to start their own projects. Sign this petition to thank Lancashire’s government for protecting the environment.


Dear Secretary Brokenshire,

Thank you for rejecting Cuadrilla’s bid to re-open their fracking wells. Their project has caused many tremors and earthquakes over the past year, as well as endangering the environment in general. This is a big step forward for cleaner air and putting the environment above profit, as well as protecting the people and wildlife living in Lancashire.

Fracking is one of the most dangerous methods of obtaining energy, due to the gases being forced from underground. These gases pollute the air, and the damaged ground feeds into the destruction of wildlife habitats. It is hoped that more governments worldwide will follow your example and ban fracking, putting the practice out of business permanently. Thank you for protecting Lancashire from future earthquakes and pollution.


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Photo Credit: Kate Ausburn


  1. I do not think I need to thank a corporation for doing the right thing. Signed anyway.
    Now, can we do something about the egregious laws in the UK to protect animals.

  2. Justin Recht says:

    Thank you Secretary Brokenshire!
    It is fantastic to see that some officials are not afraid to face Big Money!

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