Success: Fracking Wastewater Disposal Sites Closed

Target: Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma

Goal: Applaud the closure of oil and gas waste disposal wells in Oklahoma.

In the wake of a recent 5.6 magnitude earthquake, officials in Oklahoma have ordered the closure of 37 wastewater disposal wells operated by oil and gas companies in the state. At these sites, wastewater byproduct from fracking is injected deep into the earth for services — a practice that has been linked to a dramatic increase in seismic activity in the past few years. Parts of Oklahoma are now as seismically active as Northern California.

This move also comes after a campaign of political pressure for better regulation of the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma, including ForceChange petitions such as these. This represents an important step away from previous policies that seemed to offer oil and gas companies freedom from regulation. Furthermore, it presents an opportunity for the citizens of Oklahoma to pressure their government to keep these wastewater injection sites closed. Sign our petition and applaud the closure of these fracking wastewater disposal wells, and demand that these closures be made permanent.


Dear Governor Fallin,

I am writing to applaud the decision by Oklahoma state regulators to order the closure of 37 wastewater disposal wells. As you may know, the practice of deep wastewater injection has been linked to an increase in seismic activity. This has made your state as seismically active as Northern California, and may have contributed to the recent 5.6 magnitude quake. I believe that closing these wastewater sites, and keeping them closed is in the best interest of public health, and safety in Oklahoma.

Moving forward, I urge you to re-examine regulatory practices concerning the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma. While wastewater injection contributes to seismic activity in Oklahoma, so too do hydraulic fracturing sites themselves. Furthermore, hydraulic fracturing has been linked to groundwater contamination that damage farms and livestock, and poison people as well as air pollution. I urge you to act to hold these companies accountable for the damage they do to public health.


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Photo Credit: Kate Ausburn

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