Prevent Erosion From Destroying Productive Farmland

Target: Chris Chinn, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture

Goal: Mitigate soil erosion in Missouri’s farmlands.

Missouri’s farmlands are experiencing alarming rates of soil erosion, a crisis that threatens not only the state’s agricultural productivity but also its environmental health. Unsustainable farming methods, including excessive tilling and monocropping, are exacerbating this issue. The loss of fertile topsoil has far-reaching implications, affecting crop yields, and water quality, and even contributing to climate change through the release of stored carbon.

Soil erosion is not a localized problem; it has a ripple effect across various sectors. The degradation of farmland reduces its ability to act as a carbon sink, thereby contributing to global warming. Moreover, eroded soil often ends up in waterways, leading to sedimentation and water pollution, which in turn affects aquatic life and water quality.

The economic impact is equally concerning. Agriculture is a cornerstone of Missouri’s economy, and the decline in soil health could lead to reduced yields, increased costs for farmers, and ultimately, higher food prices for consumers. The time for action is now; the longer it is delayed, the more irreversible the damage becomes.

Sign the petition below to urge the Missouri Department of Agriculture to take immediate, effective measures to promote sustainable agriculture practices. These should include the adoption of conservation tillage, crop rotation, and the use of cover crops to prevent soil erosion.


Dear Director Chinn,

The escalating crisis of soil erosion in Missouri’s farmlands requires immediate attention and decisive action. The degradation of the state’s fertile soils is not merely an agricultural issue; it is an environmental and economic concern that demands a comprehensive solution.

We urge you to spearhead the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices aimed at mitigating soil erosion. This involves more than just issuing guidelines; it requires a concerted effort to educate farmers, provide incentives for the adoption of sustainable practices, and enforce regulations that protect the valuable topsoil.

Neglecting this urgent issue will have long-lasting repercussions. Reduced agricultural productivity, environmental degradation, and economic instability are but a few of the consequences we face if immediate action is not taken.

We call on you to act swiftly and effectively. Implement a strategy that not only halts the current rate of soil erosion but also ensures the long-term health and productivity of Missouri’s farmlands.


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